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  1. thank you everyone we have finalized the Ritz vdi. they are also offering a discount of 25 thousand. might take delivery in august
  2. my sister is looking for a new car in the range of 5 lakh. she is married and has a baby. initially liked the waganr duo but now the lpg option is not available. i suggested the ritz vdi but everyone likes the swift vdi which is 50000 expensive than the ritz vdi i 10 is a good option but we prefer to have a car which can be used for long 500kms drive in the weekends, so diesel of lpg is preferred i also strongly recommended the figo but they want a reliable brand name like the maurti or hyundai gurus please suggest is ritz the best option or swift or wait for the new swift also please let know if any other new car is coming
  3. at this price it will be competing with the Civic till the E-class. Hope they find buyers
  4. Stunner is very weak in performance compared to pulsar. i have not driven the pulsar 135 but seeing the specifications it sounds to be better than any other bike at that price
  5. They could have changed the front visor it is the same for the last few years
  6. great bike, its in worth more than the money spent. hey how much did the service cost you
  7. @deepakds i have browsed around many forums seeing lots of posts where as your post is much different. hope you forgot to answer sadsack's question if xcd is mistake and pulsar 135 is devastation, then what is right also tell about herohonda
  8. Its too expensive. I remember even the comet had sold 200 no.s that too being a kinetic BornFree2010-02-01 11:06:08
  9. k and n filter for 220 wont improve power remarkable, its just for nice sound at a cost of Rs.3500. try mending the silencer instead
  10. I20 1.4 petrol automatic with 4 disc brakes, abs and 6 airbags should be the safest car available
  11. @creativebala where as this is for the version with airbags and all other safety features how many of them will take these most expensive. In this case - how does one rate the base versions
  12. Santro is the best Spark is rarely seen around and according to me its for girls
  13. black and white shades looks great. but its tad blank. should it have some graphics