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  1. Hi Sb-alto,

    I appreciate you for providing some more chocie in 150 cc.

    1)Pulsar: i liked the bike,but if we take in to consideration the longterm consistence performance(generally the perception is that bajaj products are for at max two years).Is this a myth or servicing at regular time will extend the job for 5 years.

    Please through light on this to make the air clear.

    2)FZ: the bike is more youth oriented for college goers and furthermore it does not suit in terms of design and family bike(pillion rider seat seems not ok).

    we can consider sz for that matter but will have to wait til march for bookings and further 15 days for delivery.

    3)Hero Honda CBZ extreme or hunk:some i didn't like the bikes.but do not have the performance knowledge about the bikes.


    Bike Aspirer.

  2. HI all,

    I thank you all for your warmth and guidence for choosing from the two


    1)To get a unicorn i have to wait for 45 DAYS

    AS PER Honda dealers in Hyderabad.

    2)I do not see many SUZUKI GS150 R bikes on Hyderabad

    road.does it mean that the bike is a flop show or success

    story?(actually i am more inclined to Suzuki gs 150 r,but what to know

    is it a success story.And furthurmore the after sales spare parts

    availability is also poor in case of suzuki.

    Any suzuki owners please through light on the

    truth in it

    3)Any idea about when the Yamaha sz is on the road? and specs and info?

    i ahve found one link,but it is not complete(Yamaha SZ 150cc To Launch In February! | bikeNcar)

    4)What is the seconds sale value of Honda and

    Suzuki products?i heared that the seconds sale of honda is

    good but donot know about suzuki.


    bike Aspirer.

  3. Hi all,

    I am planning to purchase a new 150 cc bike.

    my height is 5.11 and age is 30 years.

    Till now I driven only kinetic(gearless) scooter. long time back Bajaj Chetak. But never drove a bike(geared).smiley9.gif
    I shortlisted the following bikes.
    (a)Suzuki 150 ccc gs150 r
    new bike with good neat features,comfort riding,good looks and milage oriented performance.(but donot have the longterm data,since it is launched one year back)

    (B)Honda Uniorn.
    undoubtedly synonimus for terms of performance,milage,looks(somewhat) and trustworhty from 5 to 6 years by its track record.(but it is common these days)


    1)please help me in chosing the best between two gems in keeping view your first hand expirience on the two bikes.

    2)pleae let me know the practical milage of the two in city and on the highway.
    and its on road price in hyderabad.

    3)will the feul tank of gs150 r creats any trouble when brakes are applied suddenly(will it hurt the groin region,with sudden brake applicaton)?

    4)willl the suzuki bikes are trustworthy visavi with honda unicorn(long term consistence performance)?

    5)can I learn to drive a geared bike directly on these 150 cc bike or should i need to learn it initially on 100 cc and than ride on 150cc.

    I sincerely appreciate your valuable and authentic suggestions in purchasing superior among the two superbs.smiley32.gifsmiley1.gif
    Bike aspirer.



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