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  1. Hi Folks, Since last 1 month, we have been researching for a premium hatch back in the range 8 to 10 lakhs I request members' advice. Following are the requirements 1. I am a defensive driver. Do not cross 55 kmph in city and 80 kmph in highway. So engine power can be moderate 2. Usage - 30 to 50 km per day. 25% highway- 75% city - Petrol preferred 3. Need the following features- automatically foldable ORVM, ECM,AVN, glove cooling, backside AC vent etc. 4. Reasonable mileage - 12 to 13 in city , 15 to 17 in highway 5. Good Ground Clearance - 180 to 200 6. Should fetch a good resale value after 4 years We tried Baleno Alpha- But waiting period is 6 to 8 months in Gurgaon Finally tried i20 Active SX AVN- Felt very appealing . But after reading through the review, I am in a confusion Reviews say the petrol engine is sluggish - But will it suffice my motoring requirements? According to my usage does buying the diesel variant make sense? ( considering engine power, mileage, resale value ) Any other alternative to i20 Active as per my requirement? Will be grateful for your suggestions Thanks Krish
  2. Hi I have finalised i20 Active SX AVN - 9.18 Lac on road. I fact we wanted to buy Baleno top end. Baleno has a waiting period of 4 to 6 months in Gurgaon. So decided to go for Active SX AVN Can somebody confirm whether i20 Active SX AVN has the following features? 1. Auto dimming IRVM. ( Electro Chromatic Mirror) 2. Speed sensing autodoor lock Thanks Unnikrishnan
  3. Hi deepakk, Congrats for owning the wonderful vehicle - Ecosport. I have booked the top end model with ecoboost engine ( Manual ). I may get it within 15 days. Could you please tell me the quality of headlights ? Do they require an upgrade? Unnikrishnan Thanks Krish-iitm
  4. Hi freinds Thank to all of you for your advise. I got the lock set changed at Maruti Service Centre - It costed me Rs. 2,100.00 I am planning to install Autocop security system. It will cost me Rs. 3,000.00 Thanks everybody krish
  5. Hi everybody, I am presenting a peculiar problem. I lost my Alto Lxi (2006 model )car key. From the circumstances, I am sure that it is stolen though the intention of the stealer is not known. I have my duplicate key and I am using it for the last one month. I have 2 options for the car's security 1. Change the complete lock set by MAS 2. Make a duplicate key and install a car security system with immobiser Kindly advise on this --this is urgent.. Krish-itm
  6. Guys, Today when I was reversing the car in a parking area, I couldn't see a small child ( around 2 years ) standing just behind the car. Luckly somebody alarmed me and the little one was not hit. Thank GOD I feel the requiement of an accessory which will give a clear view of the rear side of the car ( to get a view at a lower angle ). Can anyone suggest a solution? My car is i10 Asta krish
  7. @sb-Alto: If you see the sales data for January 2011, i10 is the 2nd best selling car after Alto.
  8. This is static electricity. I experience this in my i10 since it has fabric seats. I dont get this in my Alto with PU seat cover.
  9. well, I would like to share my expereince with i10 Asta . I was very much impressed with specs and features given on the web site. Purchased it without second though. Even I didnt test drive it. During the first drive ( from show room to home ), i obersved that, the seatbel warning sign was not glowing ( i was not wearing the seatbelt ). After parking I opened the door to check the ignition key reminder ..that also not working .. i was disappointed.. it must be a fault..i guessed. I went to the service centre ( 4.8 L is quite a lot of money for me ). I had a hot arguement with the service advice advisor, who finally convinced me (by taking the hyundai co.guy in con call.) that these features are not provided in this top end version. To my surprise the fature seat belt warning sign is provided in i10 sports ,a lower end model. So my advice to you is Test drive and Check all the fatures before buying, else you may end up in such "surprises"
  10. I was really annoyed by this problem in my i10 Asta. Last week my wife gifted me Fossil Polarised Sun Glass, purchased from US ( USD 50 ). I was really delighted to see the result. It completely cuts of the glare/reftection -100%
  11. . massive recalls by japanese car makers demo their commitment to deliver quality products to customers. Not like koreans. For Hyundai, their intent is just to make and deliver. They dont bother about the feed back from buyers. One expample is the steering rattle of i10 ans i 20. In spite of numerous complaints, Hyunduai didnt bother to resolve it.
  12. The car which will be faced out soon- lemon of near future Hyundai i10- Extremely poor mileage, issue such as steering noise, rattles etc.
  13. Dear All, Mileage of my i10 is pathetic. I am getting only 7-8 km/lit in city with 100% AC . So I am exploring the possiblity of CNG conversion. Can in it be done though Hyundai ASS? dear friends - please help..
  14. Happy Independance Day to all the members of Autocar India Forum
  15. Bala, Is it only for new buyers? Can existing customers avail this facility?