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  1. amen...i hope MS hears you out DD... in that case may have change of plans @ my end. let's wait and watch.
  2. @ Rajaharshad...am looking fwd to those experiences...
  3. Thanks BornFree....will td the K-series Swift...the only worry here would be the cost factor...not sure how much more will i have to shell out for the top variant....let me see....will get back with my experience. Cheers, Kaus
  4. @ Krish, Thanks for the feedback...as sb-alto pointed out i was looking for a petrol variant and the ZXI version includes all the goodies except the climate control...think they should have included it for the price they are asking me to pay.... but yes that's not stoping me from buying the car though. Cheers, Kaus
  5. @ Subhadeep...you are rite...will see to it that i do read the manual and have my papers in order,also will pen down my experience and have the pic's posted once i have my car. Appreciate your assistance...
  6. Hi, Thank you to all of you for your reviews, it helped me finalize my first car...Ritz (zxi) was keen on i10 too but with the K12 series engine and BS IV emission compliant felt Ritz is the better bet than the i10 on the top end version also was used to driving my bro's car SX4 so felt comfortable with Maruti. Can you please help me out in knowing if any discounts are been provided on this top end version as the dealers in Navi Mumbai are not providing any discounts.. Do let me know your suggestions / feedback or have any tips for me to know my car better. Thanks again...this forum indeed is helpful....keep up the good work !!! Cheers, Kaus