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  1. Congrats sarabjeet!! Macbook Pro's are great machines lasting lifetime.
  2. As per your use it would be better to go for an android phone. HTC Tattoo is also very good in 14k, and HTC Wildfire for around 16k. Windows based phones are really outdated with lagging interface. Also Moto milestone XT720 is a new phone which came out recently. Take any of these and if you can stretch a bit say to 25k, then go for samsung galaxy s,it's super amoled screen is just outstanding.
  3. Did u check out HTC Legend? It's too good for 22k. Plus it has android 2.1 upgradable to 2.2(Froyo).
  4. Watched A-Team. Its LEGEN--wait for it--DARY...
  5. check out it's review.
  6. All these phones have the same(almost same) set of features. But it is which is more intuitive to use is what matters. The Symbian OS is pathetically outdated. I'm using a 5800 but it is very slow and boring. But in this case go for a android OS phone as you will get many apps and also a very good user friendly interface. A very good phone you can consider is HTC Tattoo
  7. i also got macbook pro last month.... @sarabjeet if you are going for mac pro then u can easily install both snow leopard and windows 7. Its difficult to install both the OS in mocbook pro as it has only 250gb HD. also installing windows doesn't slow it much. @cyrus43 you are buying it from India? which model? the 2.4ghz or the 2.66ghz? also are you planning to upgrade to 500gb HD as 250gb HD is less?
  8. Congrats on the Jetta...I'm also interested in the Jetta but in the Comfortline model. Its 18.5 lacs on road here in Ahmedabad. I've checked the Laura L&K but that car is a bit heavy and not as refined as the Jetta with automatic and paddle shift. My budget is upto 20 lacs. Is there a good petrol car in around 20 lacs. The car should be compact and not bigger than Jetta or Laura. It would be driven by my dad mostly in the city with a daily running of 15 kms. Also is Jetta a good choice? Also whom did u contact there in VW dealership for 40k discount.I'm also about to finalize the deal at the same showroom itself. And ya Jetta too comes with 6 speed DSG gearbox and ten speaker audio speakers with touch screen music system. Is the A.s.s of skoda really that bad?