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  1. But But,To make the car sufficiently undertake that "Major-Crash-Test" the companies should use this system. So that they could detect "Minor" flaws in their vehicles. In this way a company may save much rather than realtime tests for reporting the minor flaws in their cars.
  2. But,But what about GM's partner ship with REVA?
  3. Fine guys,At the accessories shop we got: PVC Leather Seats(Beige):Rs.5000 PVC Leather Steering Wheel Cover:Rs.250 Mudflaps:Rs ????? Don't remember Sony Xplod Speakers: Rs.3500 And some goodies like Sony Xplod VCD Player & Panasonic Front speakers are borrowed from our dear old Matiz. We were ready to get our car fitted with all these goodies,but.............? 1 May 2008 Another huge dissapointment 'cause the day was MAY DAY and the Chevrolet Service Center we need to get all these fixed is closed for that day.So we parked the car under a tree......Left it for that day.
  4. 29 Apr 2008 We were looking to buy a new car 'cause our Matiz's getting older and also it
  5. MY PLATINUM CHEVROLET THe car's not mine,So call it "Our".I cannot afford a car right now. Hi guys,I thought of writing a review on our car Chevrolet Spark LS (2008).We previously used a Daewoo Matiz(Second Hand) which is still with us. I think only some knows that I
  6. Guys check this out: I think the lower design at the door is same as Beat or Aveo RS. No offense,just saying similarities.
  7. Will go with you,Rahul Sir Chevrolet's or GM's new Global Strategy is working good for all the company's under GM. Sales are increased, Customer's headed back to GM Showrooms etc. Chevrolet India's strategy must be like this, SPARK 1.Offer both 0.8 & 1.0 in Spark Reasons: 0.8 to go against likes of Alto. 1.0 to head against Santro,Estilo. Facelift the Spark cause it's already 3 years old[Launched in 07] Probably,Grill it like this: GM should not rule out to grill the Spark[Many say it's girly] The recent facelift is good for rearlights but Speedo is YUCK! BEAT We have seen some spy pics showing Beat LPG.Yes,It's a good move by GM. Diesel must be brought soon. The Diesel must be good for decent performance for city commuting,offer good mileage,and must be VFM GM must not be late in introducing Diesel 'cause Figo is just crushing Beat for it's Dura Diesel. AVEO-UVA God knows what happened to it OK,the present one is just YUCK! Remember the AVEO RS Concept?Introduce it next year[before Suzuki gets back with it's Swift] Give it 1.4 Petrol with Economy,And a good 90bhp Diesel[National Engine][Or the CDTi engine sourced from Opel] VFM again matters here.[Also offer high class safety features] AVEO Just bang the back of AVEO RS with a good luggage box and it's done. And as said by Rahul1810 please don't go back offering MJD in current Aveo. Be patient till you launch the new models. OPTRAMAGNUM Errrrr,It's the best one.But it has no facelift. I think it can take the lead 'cause OCTAVIA is now discontinued. But,better discontinue it. Cause if GM Launches all of the above it'll be the only old one. But you can take it's GEM ENGINE and scale it down or offer it as a SPORT version on the upcoming AVEO Sedan. CRUZE I think Cruze met GM's expectations,It bet the Laura in April Sales. GM do offer a petrol one to take on Altis. CAPTIVA Facelift but it needs the new Chevy face. Some sharp headlamps and a good grill. That's it. Chevy will be in every car buyers,At least in list Sorry for going offtopic but didn't find any place to post this.
  8. Yes,Will go with you. And also Cruze outsells Laura,He He,Perhaps due to horrors of Skoda's ASS