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  1. Need help on buying second hand car

    I agree with you bala.... My friend had a engine seizure with his Palio 1.9 D, he had to wait for nearly a month to get spares....The Palio 1.9 diesel did not sell in large numbers, hence difficult to get spares for the engine.
  2. Best Car insurance

    I had a good experience with Reliance on my Honda city....I claimed for insurance two times in a year and they processed it fast ...I got my cheque within a month and availed of the free towing service from the break down site till the Garage.Govt Insurance companies are good but the bureaucracy takes its toll when you claim for Insurance and they take their own sweet time to survey and release the payment.
  3. New Fabia 2010 Spied, now launched pg4

    Nice Picture Dr Nishu! I only wish the ASS improves with the introduction of the new Fabia...
  4. Need to buy a new car.

    @Addi the A-4 1.8 TFSI cost Rs 34 lakh on road Mumbai,BMW 320 D corporate edition should cost you Rs 29 Lakhs and the C class 220 CDI Executive Rs 31 Lakhs.The GL 350 CDI costs Rs 85 Lakhs in Mumbai. You can buy the Ford Endeavour 3.0 L 4x4 which costs Rs 22 lakhs well within your budget.You could also try the Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 ltz a/t costing Rs 23.5 Lakhs in Mumbai. bromley20102010-05-25 04:56:09
  5. Features we want to see on our cars

    I agree with you Born free...But in a emerging car market like India which is so cost sensitive I doubt it.Yes safety features like ABS and Airbags should be made compulsory on all cars manufactured in India by the Central Motor Vehicle act. bromley20102010-05-18 04:40:02
  6. Congratulations SHAPUR !

    Congratulations Shapur!
  7. Honda Unicorn's Sequel: New Dazzler

    Typical Honda! I like the Design of the new bike....Let wait for the review of the bike on ACI?
  8. VW goes on an Advertising spree.

    Vw has all the money to spend on ads.....But Cyrus the one you have posted is a bit to much....
  9. wipers for fiat palio

    Yes Anirudh Bosch wipers are very good....I have been using them for a long time and i find the rubber quality better then other brands.Go for it,you wont regret.Dont forget to buy them at Bosch outlets or authorized retailers. bromley20102010-05-11 12:48:44
  10. Purchased Indigo Manza Aura ABS Quadrajet

    Congratulations msjawahar! Good choice of color....Enjoy your drive and drive safe.... bromley20102010-05-11 12:43:54
  11. Skoda Yeti Bookings started

    Thanks Ruman ....I saw the site...But there is no mention of booking amount for the Yeti....I enquired at a local dealer and they told me they are not aware of any booking amount for the car.
  12. Skoda Yeti Bookings started

    As far as i know the Skoda Yeti booking should start in September.Let me confirm this news...Shall keep you updated.
  13. Hello from Seattle

    Hi Nataraj, Welcome to the ACI forum.I am happy that you chose our forum.I am sure you will be updated on the Indian car scene which you have missed so far.Cheers!
  14. Skoda Laura: Problems!!

    Hi Pranav...It is indeed very sad to hear about your woes regarding Laura. Skoda has to attend customer complaints in a positive manner and bring in confidence to the buyers.It can be achieved if the top brass sits together and brings in new warranty policies and faster replacement of parts and train the dealers to be more sensitive to customer complaints.
  15. Chris Pfeiffer graces Mumbai

    That is awesome Cyrus.....Did you attend the event? It must have been a great show with the stunts performed by Chris.He makes it look so simple ....Hats off to him... bromley20102010-05-05 10:44:59