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  1. Saw this one last week. Is this a face lift? The 2015 Rexton? Got pics from left side and one from back. The driver noticed me clicking pics and sped off . So he was surely hiding something.. Anyways, here are the pics.. Leftside Backside And don't criticize my method of watermarking.... I like to play around :P :ph34r:
  2. Hey guys, Posting here after a very long time.. Spied many cars, but din find time to post here Anyways, its great to be back.... Spotted this Chevy Trailblazer a month ago. It surely does feel an American *huge* SUV present on the road, and the engine whistle does attract a lotta attention. Couple of Pics The left side The back side I surely love this one. In fact, I love big SUVs! Waiting for the new Endy as-well-as this baby!
  3. Have a look at this video. A cool idea from BMW India! www.youtube.com/embed/R7JBDzuHVb4 Nice move? What you think?
  4. Co-drivers seat... Looks like two canisters...
  5. Anyone still hooked to Nokia's Symbian OS? I'm still using it on Nokia500. Its a lovely sturdy device! I'd like to share if any Symbian user are interested I know, no one uses Nokia and that to a Symbian^3 but still
  6. Useful for Dj's in India when there is power cut. Is that on a Punto? I also see couple of NOS bottles... seriously? Do street racing with volume upto 10? I'd love to
  7. I've got one more.... Don't know why it is failing to upload...
  8. I got few more! Here they are.... The driver did say there a lot of changes under the hood!
  9. Part 3 [media=] [/media]Please share what all you think! Everyone, the videos are a must watch. Source: BBC TopGear show. (I'm just sharing the video which i liked and not promoting top gear in any way.) PS: AutocarForum Admins: I cant embedd three video files?
  10. Watch these three videos and please share your thoughts... Part 1 Part 2 [media=]
  11. Seeing the minor changes for an old model, it reminds me of Tata and all the similar changes made on Indica's or Indigo's. Few add-ons like chrome and minor bumper change wont work.
  12. Here.. It was parked in bushes...so couldn't get the front..
  13. Umm guys, I had spotted this one in an old parking lot....way back in October. I have pics if ya guys wanna look out I'll post 'em...
  14. Yea, same thought!! I even think this maybe the Beiqi Foton. http://lh3.ggpht.com/_QX2MxK3U-2Y/S8Noqeo-LFI/AAAAAAAAA5o/iTevkaeT70I/Beiqi%20Foton%20Trucks.jpg But differences are visible...