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  1. [Spied] Rexton Facelift maybe?

    Saw this one last week. Is this a face lift? The 2015 Rexton? Got pics from left side and one from back. The driver noticed me clicking pics and sped off . So he was surely hiding something.. Anyways, here are the pics.. Leftside Backside And don't criticize my method of watermarking.... I like to play around :P :ph34r:
  2. Hey guys, Posting here after a very long time.. Spied many cars, but din find time to post here Anyways, its great to be back.... Spotted this Chevy Trailblazer a month ago. It surely does feel an American *huge* SUV present on the road, and the engine whistle does attract a lotta attention. Couple of Pics The left side The back side I surely love this one. In fact, I love big SUVs! Waiting for the new Endy as-well-as this baby!
  3. Have a look at this video. A cool idea from BMW India! www.youtube.com/embed/R7JBDzuHVb4 Nice move? What you think?
  4. Pics of Weird and Wacko modified cars

    Co-drivers seat... Looks like two canisters...
  5. The Apps thread

    Anyone still hooked to Nokia's Symbian OS? I'm still using it on Nokia500. Its a lovely sturdy device! I'd like to share if any Symbian user are interested I know, no one uses Nokia and that to a Symbian^3 but still
  6. Pics of Weird and Wacko modified cars

    Useful for Dj's in India when there is power cut. Is that on a Punto? I also see couple of NOS bottles... seriously? Do street racing with volume upto 10? I'd love to
  7. Pics: 2014 Fiat Linea facelift testing in India

    I've got one more.... Don't know why it is failing to upload...
  8. Pics: 2014 Fiat Linea facelift testing in India

    I got few more! Here they are.... The driver did say there a lot of changes under the hood!
  9. Toyota Hilux (a must watch videos)

    Part 3 [media=] [/media]Please share what all you think! Everyone, the videos are a must watch. Source: BBC TopGear show. (I'm just sharing the video which i liked and not promoting top gear in any way.) PS: AutocarForum Admins: I cant embedd three video files?
  10. Watch these three videos and please share your thoughts... Part 1 Part 2 [media=]
  11. Pics and details: Maruti SX4 face lift EDIT: Now launched

    Seeing the minor changes for an old model, it reminds me of Tata and all the similar changes made on Indica's or Indigo's. Few add-ons like chrome and minor bumper change wont work.
  12. Here.. It was parked in bushes...so couldn't get the front..
  13. Umm guys, I had spotted this one in an old parking lot....way back in October. I have pics if ya guys wanna look out I'll post 'em...
  14. New Eicher truck?!

    Yea, same thought!! I even think this maybe the Beiqi Foton. http://lh3.ggpht.com/_QX2MxK3U-2Y/S8Noqeo-LFI/AAAAAAAAA5o/iTevkaeT70I/Beiqi%20Foton%20Trucks.jpg But differences are visible...