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  1. Hi all Figo owners, What is the update of your vehicles? It has been quite some time. Request you all to put up some updates on your beloved figo's!!
  2. It seems in all probability that launch is on 17th. Source : Various other forums like TAI and Team-BHP. However, there are few speculations that Ford might price the titanium diesel close to 10L, making it 11 - 11.5 OTR in different cities. IMHO, touching and going beyond this price territory with a sub 4m vehicle is going to kill it.
  3. Hi librankur, You are right that, there is an agreement between the two companies on pricing of shared products, but differs from your analogy of it. The arrangement is that the products of the original manufacturer will be priced higher, irrespective of whenever they enter the market. This translates in the fact that the products like Scala and Pulse are all Renault original products and hence are priced higher than Nissan counterparts and vice-versa.
  4. OMG!! T-jet at 7.6L! This is for sure one of the best driving machines, this side of 10L. One thing, I feel disappointed about is that there is no excitement among the newsmakers/auto-journalists on this. Just hope, to see Fiat's future changes in Indian industry and in a positive sense!
  5. It is good to know that the initial response is positive. Does anybody has some concrete info on launch dates? It seems like ages
  6. Yes, your point came across quite clear. Indeed, that will immensely help in reducing the upkeep costs of the vehicle. Now, there is so much confusion around related to launch dates and I have seen 3 different dates doing the rumours.The fun part is, nobody has a concrete/trusted source of the dates doing the news.It seems only Henry ford himself knows, when is ES hitting showrooms..
  7. Good indications that launch is just round the corner!!! Any news on unofficial/official bookings?
  8. This style of manufacturing has been used by Ford for quite some time now. It basically means, sharing of some parts with multiple models being produced by Ford. It is also referred as "Common parts bin", like picking up usable bits of Fiesta for Figo and alike models. For instance, there is much sharing between engine, mechanicals and interiors in the New Fiesta and the upcoming Ecosport. And, I inquired about the bookings at my local dealer, to which he denied and said, only after the launch which is supposedly on 11th, this month.
  9. +1 to that. States is all about big,macho and muscular. The pics justify those adjectives well.
  10. Man oh Man!! A true driver's car in the hands of a drving enthusiast is indeed a killer proposition. A very detailed and straight from the heart review coupled with brilliant pics. Enjoyed reading it, and now waiting for the "Michelin" experience which is coming up shortly!!
  11. Sure! I am just unable to pull out time to do it. It will be coming shortly with snaps!!
  12. Finally, the complete test drive by Renuka. As always, amazing compilation and such natural flow of delivery, no one does it better. It is unbiased and brings all the +ves and -ves on the table for anyone to make a choice!!
  13. hi PlatzdaTurbo, A very nice write-up of the way your dull day turned into a complete dream. I was just trying to imagine your facial expression, when your dad drove into the Audi showroom. And nice pics of the German beauty.Do add the service costs till now (if possible) or any issues faced. It might help people on the forum looking to buy one of these. Happy motoring!
  14. Hi all, I have my own apprehensions about the product.Reviews confirm that the product has a lot of "Made in China" parts as standard and the quality is "El-cheapo", whereas Ertiga's cabin is far better. During the test drive , the AC kept doing ON/OFF and the NVH is pretty bad. I don't think, it is going to shake Maruti's number soon.
  15. I am still unable to comprehend with the fact that 1.5(P) will also be coming with manual transmission.There was news around that, it will only be offered with the Auto-box. Now, ES should have a wide range in pricing, with so many variants and engine options.