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  1. It seems in all probability that launch is on 17th.

    Source : Various other forums like TAI and Team-BHP.

    However, there are few speculations that Ford might price the titanium diesel close to 10L, making it 11 - 11.5 OTR in different cities. IMHO, touching and going beyond this price territory with a sub 4m vehicle is going to kill it.

  2. Was watching the tele and came to know why this is being priced at a premium .

    Its just that the arrangement between the two sibilings is such that the latter entrant in a market with a badge engineered product has price it at a premium , so Pulse and Scala were priced high because of this arrangement/ accordingly, they were spruced up to support the price hike , as people will not pay extra for what internal arrangement these two have but will surely pay extra if they see extra stuff on the vehicle.

    Taking this forward, Terrano will thus be a bit gimicky and a bit fancy to support the increased pricing,

    I will not pay extra for the same product but will pay extra for extra styling elements and equipment levels and Yes , a nice looking rear will be an added motivation , surprisingly even DC left it out on his kit

    Edited to add source:

    Source: Autocar Scoop with my understanding of it

    Hi librankur,

    You are right that, there is an agreement between the two companies on pricing of shared products, but differs from your analogy of it. The arrangement is that the products of the original manufacturer will be priced higher, irrespective of whenever they enter the market.

    This translates in the fact that the products like Scala and Pulse are all Renault original products and hence are priced higher than Nissan counterparts and vice-versa. :)

  3. I took a short spin in the diesel Ecosport yesterday. Though much cant be said from just a 10 min drive, I came away quite liking the car. It is very compact. The small dimensions are very good for urban traffic commuting. The tried and tested diesel motor is responsive as well. The steering is very light which helps weaving in and out of traffic. The spare wheel on the tail gate adds a nice touch.

    Waiting to drive the EcoBoost now. But Im more interested in the Automatic dual clutch. If that makes the cut I may have one join the City in my garage

    It is good to know that the initial response is positive.

    Does anybody has some concrete info on launch dates? It seems like ages :rolleyes:

  4. Common parts bin would be to achieve economies of scale

    what i am refering to is

    Child Parts which basically means Parts within parts , it may not be a right anology but this is what i can think of right now.

    Assume a Fuse Box to be a complex part comprising of many parts (fuses here) and somehow something goes wrong ,(dont begin relating it to actual working of fuses and a fuse box) , you will then identify a FUSED fuse (bad part) and replace with a WORKING fuse (good part)

    Here (bad part) replacement with a (good part) is what is being talked about,this is said to reduce cost, without having to replace the whole Fuse Box , replace the fuse .

    Atleast i understand it that way , this is said to reduce cost.

    Hoping i was able to bring my point across .

    Yes, your point came across quite clear. Indeed, that will immensely help in reducing the upkeep costs of the vehicle.


    Now, there is so much confusion around related to launch dates and I have seen 3 different dates doing the rumours.The fun part is, nobody has a concrete/trusted source of the dates doing the news.It seems only Henry ford himself knows, when is ES hitting showrooms.. :P

  5. Just learnt that in order to keep maintenance costs to a minimum , Ford EcoSport employs what they call it the CHILD PARTS manufacturing style wherein there's a division of a car's components, so that in case of a breakdown only defective parts of a component are replaced and leaving the parts in good condition as they are.

    This makes a lot of sense but the amount of labour that would go into these might just be a deciding factor , i guess Ford EcoSport is being so heavily localized that its engineers even went to the local / neighborhood car garages and learnt a thing or two of JUGAAD ,

    This style of manufacturing has been used by Ford for quite some time now. It basically means, sharing of some parts with multiple models being produced by Ford. It is also referred as "Common parts bin", like picking up usable bits of Fiesta for Figo and alike models.

    For instance, there is much sharing between engine, mechanicals and interiors in the New Fiesta and the upcoming Ecosport.

    And, I inquired about the bookings at my local dealer, to which he denied and said, only after the launch which is supposedly on 11th, this month.

  6. Yeah.. but my 2012 Ritz Diesel gives 17 KMPL in Delhi city traffic with 100% AC in summers and 20-21 KMPL in winters (i just checked this in this last winters). If we go by your formula then also the i20 D figures are very low.

    Isn't it???

    hi Sstar,

    Our Swift D also gives around 17 with AC, but when operating in heavy congestion like Chandni chowk streets and alike, FE often drops to 15Kmpl.

    In winters though, with carefeul driving, 20Kmpl is achievable.

    On i20, my friend used to traverse daily from Kalkaji to Noida, and got 18Kmpl in winters.(i20 has a slightly bigger heart than Swift/Ritz D which could be playing it's part.)

  7. hi,

    I have just bought a Swift and the ownership review is following shortly.

    As of now, I can tell you that since your highway running is equal to the city drive you do, it would be highly recommended that you go in for something more safe like European cars.

    Your running is almost entering diesel buying segment and as you said that it can increase in future, so go in for that.

    You could look at VW Polo, Punto or Fabia. Maruti and Hyundai are fine, but when you do high speed driving there is nothing that comes even close to the German engineering. I have read it and felt it a thousand times.

    Feel free to take a test drive and then take a call.

  8. Armed with the limited details you have provided

    Go for the Honda City, with your low usage a Diesel does not make sense at all.

    Honda will give you the best resale value, the initial craze for Verna is slowly dying , Linea is already DEAD.

    As regards to the Compact SUV - Duster Rules , big waiting period , in Delhi where i booked one, its between 6-7 Months.

    Personally , I am waiting for the Ecosport and would like you to do so,(Book Ecosport on launch) I have booked Duster as a standby ,by the time i am about to get delivery of the Duster , the Ecosport would have its merits listed and would make our decision to choose between the two an easy one.

    Perfect answer mate.

    I am eagerly waiting for the Ford's Ecosport which looks great on paper. The available options in this segment are nothing but the Duster. Ertiga is not the kind of vehicle you would take for light off-roading too.

    None of the sedans are updated and are due for updation sans New Fiesta and Verna.

    I would strongly recommend to wait for Ecosport before finalizing your next ride.

  9. & I'm hearing this 800cc diesel rumor for years! & devloping a diesel moter isn't a easy job, even for giant like honda! & MS is claiming to devlope a 800 cc one; which will be world first & that too within a year! :P


    I concur with you on this. The air has been around for a while about the puny oil burner from Maruti, but no spy images of alto being tested with this or any other MS model.

    Hope it is not mere rumors and Maruti is up for something serious.

  10. Resizing has to be done in imageshack. There is a very recent thread dealing with this



    I am planning to upload some pics of my Ford Ikon in the respective thread, but the above link directs me to the login page. Has the link been renamed or moved to some other location?

    Please help with the link dealing with pics uploading process.

  11. hi,

    As you are looking for a car that can handle off as well as on-roads equally, then XUV500 will do the job just fine. Only if you are planning serious off-roading, consider Pajero.

    You can also consider new Ford Endeavour. It will cost a little above your mentioned budget, but you will get a car that can handle both scenarios quite efficiently.

  12. hi,

    The daily running of my figo has increased and has clocked close to 20000 kms in just more than two years.

    we have decided to sell it and go in for a diesel model.

    I have placed an Ad in the trader section of our forum. Those interested, feel free to contact me.

    The link to my ad is :