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  1. hey...i am unable to post pics....please tell how to do so???
  2. I am unable to post pics....please help... rahulgupta31012010-05-31 11:31:54
  3. <a target='_blank' href='http://img229.imageshack.us/i/figog.jpg/'><img src='http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/3805/figog.th.jpg' border='0'/></a> Uploaded with <a target='_blank' href='http://imageshack.us'>ImageShack.us</a>
  4. some initial pics of the vehicle... http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/3805/figog.jpg
  5. some initial pics of my car... http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/3805/figog.jpg
  6. As your car is 3yrs. old and has covered only 5k's...I strongly feel that the vibrations are due to clogged/jammed fuel-injectors and spark plugs.... Get these things cleaned up, if problem still persists then consider other options like changing oil and other measures... Do post the proceedings...
  7. I agree with all and reaffirm the fact that Fiat, indeed, produce brilliantly engineered machines which are class leading in terms of ride and handling. They are only marred with the a.s.s which has also improved a lot from the lessons taught by the previous two innings.. They need to adapt to strategies to reach out to Indians by giving personalized care and treatment so that the emotional string attached is taken care-of... It's a final wake-up call Fiat..get your asses working and reestablish the brand which Fiat was known for, once....!!
  8. Felt really bad after reading the incident..... What an apathy???? It's high time that Skoda India should be booked for harassing customers like anything. They have taken indian market and it's consumers lightly and should pay a price for the same.... I think every such customer of Skoda should form a community, and collectively file a case of fraud and sub-standard supply of goods under a highly reputed and treasured brand name.
  9. If it's really the case of engine misfiring, you could also check-up your injectors which could be clogged/jammed/dirt-filled. My ikon started misfiring after 2 yrs of purchasing it and the issue got resolved by just having the injectors cleaned out. Since your car is almost new, this diagnose does not seem to be dot-on applicable, but is worth giving a try as injectors could get clogged due to bad quality of fuel being used....
  10. I very-much agree with you that hyundai has established itself as a brand people trust and is offering real good a.s.s, but Ford is on it's way of restructuring it's India operations and is not leaving any stone unturned to reach out to Indians. There is a marked improvement in the a.s.s ford is offering and a completely overwhelming ownership experience... keep-up the good work Ford....!!1
  11. hey ujwal, I own an ikon zxi. I found the same issue. I overcame this by setting the seat height adjust to the minimum. If this is offered in your model try doing this as well as moving the seats a little backwards. Also,if your car doesn't has it, no issues, check out with any of the Ford workshops, they must be having the kits.....
  12. IMHO figo diesel or the swift dzire would do the duty quite well. Both cars are equipped with a diesel heart. Though, you could also go in for indigo or manza, but may be manza will be on an expensive side and then fiesta/verna are also worthy contenders,though both are due for a replacement. I think it's the figo diesel in the hatch segment and linea diesel would be an ideal choice in the entry luxury segment...!!
  13. Very-much correct Dr_nishu....dese ways are really good do have the job done and at a price much lesser than that charged by companies..
  14. I feel that whatever VW brings in as Vento should be latest in terms of technology and features.....
  15. The car will definitely be a looker...but it's success will entirely depend upon the powertrain and the a.s.s which is quite dwindling...skoda really needs to improve on that......!!!
  16. woow....great move by TATA to touch Indians and reach out to them.....keep up the good work........!!!!
  17. congrats on the purchase...nice car but at a price.....could have done wonders if offered a lakh cheaper...!!
  18. Indeed a very good move by M&M. It will further enhance the alternative fuel technology REVA has to offer...and will really help in bringing in new hybrid powered cars...!!
  19. Thanx everyone for the greetings... I agree with you sb_alto that beat would have done better if it would have been launched with a diesel version also.....GM..are you listening??? bring in a stripped down VCdi that is doing duty in the cruze..!!1
  20. The proven facts are that Ford's are typically better in terms of engineering i.e. the driving dynamics which includes the ride/handling combination( best-in-class said and experienced by many and proved by autocar india itself), preciseness and crispness of the steering, overall control of the vehicle and so-forth.... hence it would be much nicer to go in for a used fiesta rather an accent or logan....avoid ikon as it is too old for a car to buy as a second hand car...
  21. It would be a very good step by Hyundai if it brings in a smaller diesel engine in i10 as it is facing a tough competition from the likes of the newly launched figo and beat....
  22. If it's the VFM package you are looking at, don't look any further than figo. It offers more features than any of the cars of that segment and at a much lesser price. If you are completely bowled over by the looks of i20, go for it...
  23. If you can't wait for more then linea is just a very fine car to own. Fiat's engineering are as sure as it can get. The machine is loaded with a quite a lot of features for the price. It is also the newest among the lot and hence equipped with latest features. You could wait for the linea engine upgrade which should be just round the corner..
  24. It is possible to strap on a LPG/CNG kit onto an automatic transmission car....a competent person can give you the consequences of the conversion....
  25. Very much true dr_nishu. Considering your low running, it is confirmed that petrol is the one for you. It's really worth to wait for the upcoming Vento and also the new fiesta coming very soon to our market.... If you can't wait then, either fiesta/city/sx4/verna could do, but one word, if you really like driving, go in for fiesta. It is a true driving machine...