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  1. Dr_nishu@ Very-neatly compiled summary Dr_nishu. Itsme @ It should answer all your queries.
  2. Yes, Sb-alto. Completely agree with you. I too, don't want to sell this off. I will try to convince my dad to retain it, as and when, he plans to upgrade(most probably this year end).
  3. Thanks for the appreciation. It would be great, if you put up some pics and review of your ride.
  4. Hey, There is actually no-flaw in the model.The thing is, it would have been better, if you have taken notice of it earlier and got it replaced with a later manufactured one. The car is now registered under your name, and there is little you could do. Actually, if there is no technical glitches, then no-worries. Regarding the rust part, I am completely in agreement with Bala. Do post pics for further confirmation. Just have a good motoring experience with your latest acquisition!!!
  5. I completely believe you. I , too has this in mind that no-one is going to believe that the car has done only 23k. Alas, this is the hard truth.
  6. thanks very much sb_alto for those words of appreciation. I will try to make it as detailed as possible. Between, some pics of the beauty clicked, few days back :
  7. It's been really long since I decided to pay tribute to my beloved Ikon, which is now more than 6 years old and still holding strong. Few adjectives which I would use to describe it are brilliant steering, gem of an engine (this is built for enthusiasts, not for any fuel-efficiency tests), chassis (strong enough to withstand that power) and the overall Ford dynamics that make it a perfect machine for any racer-boy. Note : This post could be a long one, as the title suggests and hence buckle-up for the ride. The buying decision : may-2004 Hmmm...At that time we were having a Corsa Sail (bought just an year ago after parting with the Cielo) and our very familiar Zen, which has done around 30k and was around 5 yrs. old. Let me tell you, that mine is a joint family and hence the car buying ( or for that matter , any major buying decision) has to go through many phases and approvals (those living in joint families will concur with me on this). Although Zen was doing a pretty clean job of ferrying our house job-earning brigade to and fro from home to office and back home, but still, as all Maruti's have it pretty early, RATTLES have crept in from last two years and it was up for some replacements, as suspension parts like bush and shockers have started giving-up, brake overhaul was much-needed and likewise some other nick-nacks. july 2004 So, it was decided to do-away with it and let corsa handle those duties. Meanwhile, till the replacement options of Zen are considered, it will carry on with it's current work.Now, speculations started. The requirements are as follows: 1.) It has to be petrol, as running would be minimum as most of the duty will be done by the corsa now. This will be primarily used as a vehicle to go outdoors and such trips. 2.) It has to be comfortable enough to ferry five people. 3.) Good ride/handling combination, as both my dad and his brother enjoys driving. I have not started driving at that time. 4.) Fuel-efficiency is also not of major concern, due to limited usage. september-november 2004 Test- drives and showroom visits started. The options considered were Hyundai Accent, Ford Ikon and Honda city. First to go was the Accent. We took the test -drive. I at that time, sat in the back and enjoyed the ride. I found it good and comfy, so do my other brothers. But. my dad wasn't impressed, as also his brother wasn't. The car was not out of list , but was at the bottom now. Next one was Ikon. It was same for us, though back-seat was more comfy and seat inclination more suited for long-highway runs, than the Accent. But, to our surprise, both my dad and my uncle had a grin on their faces after the test-drive, Ford Driving DNA has started growing-all over them. I guessed, and apparently, I was right. Third turn came of the city. We test-drove the v-tec version. Interiors had more colors and looked good. The drive, as it would be, great, with the v-tec powering the Honda. The only soar point was the price tag. We came home after the test-drives. It was decision-making time. 1.) Accent was comfy and a good family car. It was within budget , has good after sales-support and a decent enough resale value. Somehow, it didn't manage to appeal to my dad and his bro. 2.) Honda city was even more nicer. It had a great fun-to-drive V-tec, fine interiors and Honda's reliability going for-it. Then again, a hurdle came, and this time it was the price of City, and the fact that our usage is very limited ( till now our ikon has done only 23,000 kms), has made us turn away from Honda. 3.) The only left option was Ford. It ticked all our requirements. It had a superb steering (pure-hydraulic unit), 1.6l ROCAM engine and was comfortable enough. Moreover, the car was within our budget. It was year ending and got top-of-the-line Zxi varient loaded with features like leather-vinyl seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, cd-player and a rear-spoiler at a good price. Delivery period was 5 days. Our Ikon arrived on 19th Dec, 2004 and from then till now, the car still spells a cast whenever, it is driven.
  8. Hey, Since you are completely satisfied by the test drive of laura, I advice to look no further, and do justice to your heart by getting yourself the solid-german vehicle. The car is indeed fantastic and good value. Don't consider the second-hand option of Accord.It is always better to get a new car.
  9. Hi, Given your requirements, both Beat and Figo fit the bill. 1.) Beat has a slightly peppier engine of the two. 2.) Both are equal in this regard. 3.) With the chevrolet's 3 yr. maintenance plan, Beat could prove to be cheap. Ford is also giving an extended warranty plan and parts are cheap, so it would also be light on pocket. 4.) Trust me on this. GM's resale dwindles badly. We owned one and maintained fantastically. It was an Opel corsa, and the value it fetched is something better not mentioned. Ford Figo will definitely give a higher residual value.
  10. Hi, Out of the cars you have shortlisted, X1 makes most sense.It is latest, has good ground clearance and within your budget. If you have very limited usage, go-in for petrol highline or else diesel highline. And don't forget to take the BSI pack, which will give you complete peace of mind.
  11. Six Months Update hello all friends and forum members, It's been around 6 months since Figo became a part of our family, and overall we are satisfied with it's performance. FE has improved, and is around 12kmpl in city, under heavy traffic conditions. Positives : 1) A nice overall package, and the price it is being offered is unignorable. 2) fantastic AC. Any other car in this class just can't beat it. 3) Steering is something which is outstanding. Anybody who loves driving will find it perfect as it is a hydraulic unit, and no Electrical non-sense. 4.) Space is also at a premium which no-one offers at this price point. Issues faced : 1.) My brother pulled the car with the handbrake on and from then there was a squeaking sound from the rear left side. Given the vehicle to Harpreet Ford and they fixed it with lubrication and stuff. 2.) Starter motor taking up little more time than usual now. Got this checked and after little cleaning-up of the air-filter, issue seems to get rectified. Some pics: rahulgupta31012010-12-24 12:48:21
  12. hello, It is very-well known that Honda has a higher customer-satisfaction rate and make reliable, smooth and user-friendly machines. On the other hand Skoda is for those who like solidity and wants a detailed-engineered vehicle.The ride and handling is something in a different league and should not be compared with Honda's and Toyota's around. Highway manners are of a higher strata and like all German cars, they feel much safer than the japanese counterparts.
  13. At that budget, the best option that comes to my mind is the M&M's Scorpio. It has a nice balance between on-road and off-road behavior. Actually, there are no serious off-roaders available at this price-point, but still scorpio can handle quite a lot of bad terrain. As dinesh suggested, a pre-worshiped Endeavour could be a great deal, if maintained well.
  14. I think that Etios, with the brand name it is carrying, will move the entry-mid-size segment upside-down. It will surely affect the sales of Dzire, though it won't outsell Dzire, as there is no diesel version currently available.
  15. Hey, Congrats on the new vehicle. Have you considered Fortuner or is it the long waiting list that played the detterent?
  16. Hi, Regarding the brakes issue : In today's vehicle's ,brakes derive their energy from engine power and hence when engine is switched-off the efficiency of brakes is almost nill. It is highly recommended that you don't shut-off the engine till the vehicle is at complete rest position.rahulgupta31012010-12-09 16:21:13
  17. Mahindra's latest acquisition of Korean based SSangyong Motors has led to some significant decisions. They will bring in the latest Korando SUV developed for the home as well as the international markets. The SUV could be priced at around 12 lakhs, if Mahindra introduces some loacalisation. rahulgupta31012010-12-09 09:39:03
  18. Hey, congrats on the decision. Are there any discounts on the sticker price? Car looks good in that colour.
  19. I don't think Honda is going to revise Jazz so early. First and foremost is the new hatch "Brio" Honda is planning to bring in.Then, I think it will revise the civic and CR-V, afterwards.
  20. I too suggest you to wait for the new swift rather than going in for the current version with 4 months wait. As for the resale value of the current version, Yes, it will get affected, but not by huge margins, since , Swift commands a very healthy residual price.
  21. Nice catch there. I am sure, it is very unlikely that Maruti starts giving discounts on the current generation Swift.The waiting period is still hovering around 2.5-3 months.Under these conditions, why the hell on Earth they would conk-off a single penny from the sticker price. The new one should be better in terms of build-quality, plastic-quality and Ride department.
  22. Hi, Nice and short review. One thing, which I somehow can't swallow is the FE figure, you mentioned. You have not written about the conditions you are driving-in, which could help in getting us a better idea of those brilliant-figures.