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  1. Is this the paid-one or the free? If it is the former one, what are charges incurred?
  2. Hey, Best Wishes for your latest acquisition!!! I must say that the write-up leading to the final showdown was amazingly penned down,(all the family voting and all). I hope to see this thread getting converted into a Long-term ownership report.
  3. Hello chaitu, First and foremost, hearty congratulations on the beautiful set of wheels you have got for yourself. As mentioned by the DD sir, the sound could be because of the usual little thump of a 3-pot motor.If it is that, there is nothing to worry about. So, hows the ownership experience so far? I am very keen on knowing the whole buying experience, if you could put that up. How much have you driven her and what's the FE, you are getting? "More pics eagerly awaited!!! Do justice to her"rahulgupta31012010-11-26 18:05:14
  4. Hello Zahid, With the given constraints and requirements I would suggest : 1.) Fiat Punto : Nice, solidly built vehicle.Ride/handling is one of the best. 2.) Ford Figo : Again,a great car, with a host of safety feaures on the top-end(within your budget). 3.) VW Polo : Fantastic car. Could definitely be given a look before finalizing. 4.) Nissan Micra diesel : Just launched, but with a proven DCi diesel-unit, doing duty on Mahindra-Renault Logan.
  5. Hi, Skoda is finally waking-up and facing the reality. They have surely priced the new fabia at a very competitive level, but the cost of spares is still exorbitant. A buyer at this level would be, even more , concerned with respect to the price of maintaining the vehicle. I think, if ASS and servicing cost are major factors influencing your purchase decision, go-in for other alternatives available. You could have a look at i10, Figo, Beat and micra.rahulgupta31012010-11-26 15:29:06
  6. Hello, I think your research was thorough and extensive, from the points you have noted down. Regarding my opinion, I'd say : I do own a Figo and admit that it's petrol engine is not for the enthusiastic driver , but a sedate driver will not complain. You will not feel that it is underpowered as is very apparent from your post that, your major concern is FE. Apart from that it's ride/handling is better than any of the vehicle's available at that cost along with a host of safety features, which again are your primary requirements. Figo ticks in all the above requirements, and perform those jobs much better than any of the counterparts available. My father is getting an average of 11kmpl in highly-congested Delhi traffic with 90%AC on. Once, he took it to highway, where he managed 14kmpl with full AC. These figures are when the car has just done 500kms, which means run-in was still underway. As for the cost of spares, check-out the extensive survey done by Autocar India team in july-2010 or august issue. Ford Figo petrol spares were at-par with Maruti and Hyundai spares. Secondly, micra is also a safe car(Airbag is standard across all models). Ride/handling is neutral as other Japanese machines. Check-out if you are having Nissan dealerships near your place.rahulgupta31012010-11-24 17:51:12
  7. Hi, As service is done a mere 1500kms before, uncleaned injectors does not seem to be the cause. I too, completely agree with Naren, that adulterated fuel could be a high possibility causing mis-fire of engine. PS : You could also check out with the Service-center people to check-out whether they have cleaned the injectors or not. This will help in narrowing-down with the diagnosis.
  8. ? Figo petrol delivers 12kmpl in City & 15-16kmpl on Highways. Its not as Well furnished as other Fords(Fiesta, Ikon, etc) & is having many Technical glitches in it like Hard Plastics, Thin Bumpers, Boot waterlogging?Issues, etc. So better is to Avoid Figo, Micra, etc. If you want to step-up to next level then go for i20 or Polo only. dr. Nishu @ I own both Figo and Ikon. So, I can give a relative better judgement on the two. Figo is built better than the Ikon, which is very evident from the fact that most of the bits used in figo, directly comes from Fiesta (numerous test reports have stated this and you will know , if you have seen the vehicle inside -out.) As for the plastics used, quality is better than what one gets in a MSIL product.( save for polo and fabia, they are definately better, but are priced considerably higher). I have not had any shares of water-logging in boot or concerns with thin bumpers (car is driven in highly congested Delhi's bumper-to-bumper traffic, there is always a high possibility of a two-wheeler/three-wheeler/rikshaw touching here and there). No hits as of yet, and time will tell, how bumpers will take the impact, if any.rahulgupta31012010-11-23 20:47:50
  9. Hi Driftpunk, Those are some incredible FE figures quoted above . It seems that you are driving under some ideal conditions of testing FE.rahulgupta31012010-11-22 18:55:18
  10. Hi Sandy, According to your needs ,you have shortlisted a fairly decent choice. 1.) figo has a big-car feel and space as compared to i10/ritz/wagon-r. 2.) The ride and handling combo is better than the above mentioned as well as Swift. 3.) features you will get at that price is equivalent to an higher specked Punto/i20 like bluetooth connectivity +aux-in stereo, electrically adjustable ORVM's, DTE etc. 4.) Given your running on highway, the safety features on the top-end figo can shame Polo and the likes, which are much high priced. Above all, I myself have Figo at home, and it is a vehicle which will give you full bang for your buck.As I have driven it, I can tell you, it is not for the person who is an enthusiastic driver and likes high-revving machines. It is for commuting from point A to B, with comfort and at a reasonable price. Alok Mathur@ Thanks for giving my ownership-review link. It could prove to be helpful to Sandy in making a final call.
  11. First and Foremost, Congrats on the purchase..!!! Secondly, your review was precise and seem unbiased ( straight coming from an owners heart). FE, you mentioned was jaw-dropping (car has barely done 500kms). I too found the AC knobs to be of low-quality from the previously posted pics. Com'on Honda, this ain't be coming from you.
  12. Hello Karthick, Welcome to ACI Forum. Another petrol-head joins the family-tree. As for posting the pics,refer to the below post. It is really helpful : http://archive.autocarindia.com/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=6831rahulgupta31012010-11-21 18:07:31
  13. just click on the link below to see the explanation on posting the pics. http://archive.autocarindia.com/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=53 You could resize the image in imageshack to make it to ideal size.rahulgupta31012010-11-03 17:19:54
  14. AS you would be travelling all by yourself, I warrant to go in for any MUV's. The practicality they offer will not be applicable in your case. Your running is also quite good and hence a diesel could do a good job. So, 1.) Ford Fiesta diesel : It might require to stretch your budget a bit, but it's all lot of worth. The car has a powerful enough engine and great mileage. Ride and handling combo is one of the finest. 2.) VW Vento : Another great car, well-built, nice engine and decent enough FE to go for it. Ride is best in class. May require to stretch more than a little. 3.) fiat Linea : A worthy contender, with a good fun-to-drive motor and superb ride-handling dynamics. Only concerned being the A.S.S . You could also wait for SX4 diesel, new Fiesta(early next year), Toyota Etios.
  15. These pics are around for a while and the same model is being sold in several countries. Will the Indian-spec version be the same looker? Any defined time-frame of it's arrival? If it is to come in as early as 2011-beginning, they must have started prototype-tesing. But, nobody seems to catch any spy-shots of this beauty.
  16. hey, congrats on the purchase...!!! Pics and buying experience eagerly awaited.
  17. This thread makes one feel that Fiat is doing a fair bit to gain customer-confidence back in it's product, and moreover Fiat's service. The real bottleneck seems to be the tie-up between Tata and Fiat. Tata service centers are just not skilled enough to handle these Italian machines. So, although the product in -itself might be fantastic, but the whole motoring experience of the customer is marred by the atrocious Service and repair environment. Keep the good work up and rolling Fiat.
  18. hey, dr_nishu@ I agree with you and have read the same about Fabia1.6 . It is neither a performance-maniac nor an efficient unit to get a hold of. Also, in a step forward to reduce the costs, the localization has gone up to 40% and many bells & whistles are missing on even the top-of-the-line elegance trim. Hence, this translates into making way for the only left option in your shortlist, which is Polo. rahulgupta31012010-10-28 18:21:58
  19. hi, i20 diesel is a good machine. Very-well styled, equipped and good service back-up. Yes, the vehicle is quite expensive and in no-way VFM. Ford figo d, on the other hand is good on equipment and is a great VFM deal. Similarly, with polo TDi, which itself is a very-well engineered piece of automobile, but is expensive. So, it all depends on how much you want to spend on the vehicle. If you want a VFM hatch, with all the creature comforts and safety, just go in for Ford Figo d, or else choose any one in between polo and i20. my pick would be : Figo d , polo, i20. You could also look-out for new Swift. rahulgupta31012010-10-28 17:54:43
  20. figo diesel will be a better choice for you as: 1) Though your daily running doesn't justify buying a diesel car, but since both the cars in your shortlist are costing the same , why not buy diesel and enjoy the benefits of low-running costs. i20 will not give more than 12kmpl in city with AC on, and in B'glore traffic, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 2) As also said by other members above, the maintenance of today's diesel cars are not much, and are at par with petrols.
  21. Though Polo is a very well-built car, you can also wait for the new Swift or Toyota Etios hatch coming in early next year.
  22. Don't go for Swift at this point of time as: 1) the waiting period is 2 months. 2) By the time, your car arrives it will be time for the new swift to come in. Other than that Ford Figo P is a good option. In fact, figo has registered a strong 50.000 sales mark recently and going steady. Just read the reviews of Figo in magazines.It is one of the most VFM cars available today. Maruti does not even offer a stereo on it's vxi version. Swift will go whimps, if one starts to look at the equipment Ford is offering at the price. Other options include i10/ritz/Micra/Punto. You have not mentioned anything about your driving requirements, which will help the people here in answering more aptly to your query.rahulgupta31012010-10-22 20:03:39
  23. It's really good to see Ford India is going with all it's guns blazing. They have indeed a great job of pricing the car at a point, which even undercuts the likes of market leaders like Hyundai and Maruti. However, major concern would be to watch out for the long-term reviews of the vehicle, and does Ford succeed in making "every day exciting"?