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  1. IMHO, 1.) Going specifically by your requirements, Ford Fiesta is the pick of the lot, no point arguing on that. ACI test report tagged it as the closest car after BMW 330i, which is so-much driver oriented (excellent engine,handling and ride combo, gearbox). It is a little dated now. So, you can also wait for the newer version. 2.) SX4 is also ticks all the important departments, but it is also due for a replacement. 3.) ANHC : Nice option, but it would be a long stretch and not necessary. 4.) Linea : t-jet seems to be a good machine on paper. I think , wait for a detailed test-drive report of this, if you plan to get your hands on this.rahulgupta31012010-10-18 19:31:40
  2. ohhh, that's utter dismay. IMO, The slow cooling of the cabin and simultaneously rapid heating up of outside portion of the glass, may have lead to the shatter. A stone could also be a possible cause here. As driftpunk said, only pics can reveal the true story. You yourself can analyse the pattern of the glass, in which it is spread-up to reach to the cause. Please post pics, as the experts present here can also share their opinion.
  3. Below Rs.5 lakh - Fiat Palio 1.6 gtx, Maruti Swift diesel Rs.5 Lakh-Rs.10 Lakh - Ford Ikon 1.6 (driven it! great driver's car) Rs.10 Lakh-Rs.20 Lakh - Skoda Octavia RS, Honda Accord V6 Rs.20 Lakh-Rs.30 Lakh - Audi TT coupe Rs.30 Lakh-Rs.50 Lakh - BMW 5-series Rs.50 Lakh-Rs.75 Lakh - Mersedes SL-class roadster Rs.75 Lakh and above - Jaguar type-XJ SUVs below 10 Lakhs - Innova, Scorpio or Safari SUVs between 10 and 30 Lakh - Ford Endeavour 3.0, Captiva, outlander SUVs above 30 Lakh - Audi Q7, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne Spots cars below Rs.1 Crore - Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4 Sports cars above Rs.1 Crore - Ford GT-40, Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Enzo (all are legends)rahulgupta31012010-10-15 19:30:05
  4. Going by the engine specs. , it is much lower than that of Fortuner or the Endeavour. What made them bring this as a CBU? As Durango sir mentioned, they would have brought it as a ckd kit or for that matter , even SKD kits would have hepled in keeping the price low.
  5. Absolutely correct driftpunk. chakrarv@ I am unable to make-out the point in the creation of such a thread in the first place. You yourself have given the in-numerous cons of Vento, and finalized Linea. So, exactly what was your confusion/doubt?
  6. Sir, I think , now, Hyundai has started taking it's chances again.After the failure of Terracan, Tucson and Elantra models, Hyundai is doing the same mistake again. They have brought in the Santa-Fe at an atrocious price-point. I have serious apprehensions on this one making a slice in the Indian market. Upwards of 20 La. is a price bracket dominated by players like Honda and Toyota primarily. Ford and Chevrolet are close behind. Mitsubishi struggles to get cars moving, though the their machines are well-engineered and competitive. Post edited: While quoting, use only a part of the original post & not the entire post. BornFree2010-10-15 19:00:00
  7. Hey, congrats on the purchase. how much has the car done as of now? What's the avg. FE you are getting in town? Any particular issues faced by you till now?
  8. I agree that FE also depends a lot on how you treat your ride. By the way, from which dealer in Delhi or Gurgaon, have you purchased your vehicle?
  9. pic is not of very good quality, some clear scoop pics can enlighten this story.
  10. Congrats on the buy. Yes, very aptly said by DUrango_dude, you could have waited for the vtvt one,nevertheless, this ain't a bad deal. Enjoy, and do give a regular feedback of the driving experience.
  11. Congrats on the purchase. Hope to see this initial spark of posting about your new set of wheels remain as such, and gets converted into a full-fledged long-term ownership review.
  12. Hi, I am in Chennai and could help you find a vehicle of your choice. Feel free to contact.
  13. Hey, my friend just called me and told that he sold it off at 50k. I would request the mods to close this thread.
  14. hello friends, One of my friends recently won a TVS Apache RTR-180cc model in a technical fest of a college in Chennai. He is from a different state and already owns a bike. He does not wish to take it to his place and wants to sell it off here. According to the agreement between college and company , the vehicle will not be taken back by the company for cash, as it is for promotional purpose. Anyone who is planning to buy an Apache-180 can contact the undersigned. The person can select colour of his choice, as the vehicle would come directly from showroom. Apart from this, he is offering some discount on the vehicle cost as he wishes to sell it fast. Please contact, rahul-09025953179
  15. sir, One more thing alongwith the odometer's reading, the dealer should also have informed the buyer of the accidents in which the mentioned vehicle was involved. If a clear picture was presented to the buyer at the time of purchasing, then dealer should not be blamed for what's in store to come in future.
  16. wooow... a SCOOP indeed on the forum. At 60 lakhs, it is surely on an expensive side, and I have my own set of apprehensions on how many of us would finally sign on the dotted line?
  17. I am sure Fiat will price it very competitively. Anyways, the launch is very near now and we will get to know it soon. Hoping for a surprise..!!
  18. hey, congrats on the decision. Do keep posting the whole buying experience and the pics..!!
  19. I completely agree with you Dr. Nishu. As is very apparent from the pricing of figo itself, I would not get surprised if Ford do it again, and introduce the fully loaded figo 1.6 at around 5l. The engine is already being produced by Ford here in Chennai, and just plonking it under Figo's hood would not be more than a plug-and-play operation. So, Ford, bring it on..!!!
  20. Hi, going by your budget and requirements, it's like Ford figo diesel is tailor-made for you. It has a brilliant diesel and efficiency is great. I never heard of any inconsistency in fuel consumption. Punto is a good-overall car, but i think it's not worth paying the extra lakh Rs. for that one.
  21. hi, you could look at some pre-worshipped lux-suv's like the M-class, Q7- basic version, or the x5. As for a new car, the choice is rather narrow, and not jaw dropping.
  22. As said by everyone, honda city remains an excellent choice. But, at this point of time,I would definitely go in for the VW Vento because : 1.) Ride quality : As typical of German marques, the suppleness in the ride is one thing which Honda can only dream of, as of now. 2.) Novelty : Being latest, the prime value is high. There are innumerous city's plying on roads. Other than that, I don't think the largest automaker of the world needs to prove it's product. There service, however, is one factor to look-out for. But, since many Passat and Jetta owners are there, and are getting good service of their vehicles, there's nothing to worry.
  23. Of all the options available, I would say : 1.) If you are hard-bound on swift, then please wait for the new one to arrive, and then decide. 2.) From the available lot, ford Figo diesel is the most promising one, as you have already had a Ford and your requirement is primarily a hatchback. 3.) Indigo Manza, not a bad option, but only if you want a bigger car, and ready to tackle issues with TATA, although the company has improved leaps and bounds.
  24. yes sarabjeet, these small incidents proves that Ford has done something to keep the spares cost low. I am in chennai, studying, so it won't be possible for me to go. My father has himself gone to the service station and had it done, so no worries.