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  1. Hi, With that kind of money, one would easily get himself a ANHC. I would rather suggest to take a TD of Vento. If you are the one who likes solidly engineered cars, it will delight you. ford Fiesta 1.6 is a worthy option, and would save you by couple of lakhs. You could also wait for some time. New Fiesta, new Elantra, and Fabia sedan are all on cards.
  2. hello everyone, Today I came to know that it was not the mounting points, but some gear connector has been broken, because of which the sound is coming. I am not present there physically, so I can just put things in perspective as told by my brother, who is younger and doesn't get the core technical stuff. As for the bills, it came out to be Rs 2900/-. This was a pure physical damage, and hence no warranty cover.
  3. Hey, A great catch there sir. It looks so-much like a SRV on-steroids. Anyways, looks evolutionary and radically designed. pricing would play the ace role, here in India. Any tentative launch schedule?
  4. hi everyone, How are all the figo's upto? I am away from home for quiet some time, and hence is unable to post any update. My figo however met some unfortune.My brother took it for a short ride and end up getting a wheel stuck in a manhole, which he thought to be covered.but was not. I am away, and hence would not be able to post pics, but the car is stranded as of now. The damage includes 2 engine mounting points broke, because of which noise is coming during movement.Will update soon, with the proceedings.
  5. A look at both on different aspects : pricing : Verna and Vento both are similarly priced. The difference is marginal, whether petrol or diesel. spares and service cost : Vento would definitely be expensive on this front. mileage : Both the cars have renowned engines, and are proven to give excellent figures. There's not much catch here.However,Verna would be more exciting to drive, thanks to the VGT(variable geometry turbo) on offer. ride/handling : Vento excels in this category. The ride and handling combo on offer is class leading. The ride is actually of a class higher. Hnadling is safe and neutral. Verna is moderate on this. Looks : This is an entirely personal section, and varies on individual's taste. I like the elegance and understated appeal of Vento more. If you are too adamant and concerned on after sales and service costs, then go for Verna, else if you are looking for an upmarket saloon, Vento could do the job fine.
  6. hey, nice review there of your love aka Sierra. it's great to see that you have not parted with it for such a long time,maintaining it, running it, and will keep it further. TATA, as a company has moved on from the time of old Sumo/Sierra/safari days to old Indica to new Vista/manza/Safari. They are improving rapidly with each of their offering, which is also very warm and pleasant to see.
  7. Completely agreed. I also think that, maruti will not spend on putting a diesel unit in the a-star, or for that matter any upgradation on a-star. The model is not doing good numbers and hence maruti might bring in a complete replacement for it, after bringing in the new Swift.
  8. First of all, your post does not abide by the rules of the forum. NO SMS ,LINGO LANGUAGE IS ACCEPTED. DON'T USE THAT. coming to the facts and your opinion : Figo petrol: who said it's way underpowered? It's nothing like that. It is just a smaller version of the world famous dura-tec range of engines from Ford. They give you the best driving experience. Interior quality is miles ahead of what maruti gives. Figo diesel: This is just unexpected. It is the same engine which is being used in Fiesta. It is running good on the bigger car and is doing great on the smaller hatch. As for the a.s.s, I think you should get in touch with the latest ACI, which has provided with the spare part cost for many cars in India. In that, Figo is one of the cheapest in segment. It is too early to comment on the resale. Wagon-r has been completely changed and is doing decent numbers. Your point on tall ride is valid and a degree of uncertainty is there on highways. As far as swift goes, is a good car, but is due for a replacement soon. Hence it is worth to wait for it.
  9. IMHO, among the one's you have shortlisted, i10 should be the most practical one as you are doing mostly highway travel. The tyres in i10 are also skinny, and you may go for replacement. Looking at your requirements of basically highway use, I think you could also look at Ford Figo(safer than the rest three, which you have shortlisted), or else the Micra, which is coming with a driver airbag standard.
  10. hi, As everybody has already very correctly stated that it's all about your priorities. If you want a car to run just fine in the city, with fine space and equipment and good mileage, then it's wagon-r for you. If you want a bigger and more comfortable hatch. which would be more safe on several highway runs(if you have them), a lot more features and good boot space,then it's figo for you. But, I would not recommend beat, as the car itself is not doing good numbers,although it is priced on par with Figo and the likes.
  11. Hey, finally, the conclusion drawn and the dotted line signed. And the winner comes out to be Hyundai i10. We got a very tempting offer on the sportz model. Booked the vehicle today, delivery is slotted for Thursday. Looking forward to share the driving experience....!!
  12. Hi, Ford Fiesta is the best-drivers car around , but since you straight-forwardly denied Ford, so it then boils down to four contenders for performance : 1.)VW vento petrol 2.) MS sx4 3.) Honda city 4.) Fiat Lines P amongst the present lot. Out of these City is an ideal choice, but since you can wait till next year, I will suggest you waiting as some important launches are on the cards like : 1.) Toyota etios 2.) Fabia sedan 3.) linea t-jet(upgrade) 4.) new Hyundai Elantra 5.) new Ford fiesta 6.) new chevrolet Aveo
  13. Going by your primary concern i.e. better driveability , go for figo-diesel for some simple reasons as : 1.) It has a proven and trusted diesel unit, which is one of the most sought after unit by Ford, and also gives loads of mileage. 2.) VW polo petrol is not at all a spirited kind-a-drive vehicle. If you are too keen on driving pleasure, try the 1.6 polo petrol or the best of the lot in terms of driveability i.e. Ford Fiesta. My choice would still be : Ford Figo
  14. I found every issue of ACI thorough and enthralling. AS winner48 pointed out, it would be great to know the sales figure of all the models rather than the top 10.
  15. Very significant point there sir, the annual running is around 10k.
  16. hey, i10 is again in the game due to the budget getting tighter. please chennaites, HELP as to where in chennai to get the car? who is offering good offer? I am getting 3.8 on-road for 1.2 kappa sportz manual. Anybody who could help in getting a better deal.......
  17. hey, but if you can try and get the offer. I will make whole payment cashdown. It would be very helpful, if the price comes in the territory of 3.6 for the sportz manual.
  18. hi, congrats on the new buy. Please tell about the dealer from where you are getting good discounts on i10, as one of my friends is planning to buy it in Chennai.
  19. I think,i10 will take the lead here in terms of value. It is a bigger car compared to the competition and has nice interiors. The price point only at which it will be available, would decide the course of action.
  20. A Dzire petrol would not give more than 10-11 kmpl with AC on in city, and that too if it is driven with a light foot. The likes of figo and i20 petrol versions are managing just that, after being hatchbacks.
  21. Another grievance from a Fiat owner.. Fiat, please do something to improve on these little accounts. They will only uplift the sunken image of the brand.
  22. Hi, my car is a 1.2 zxi chill colour. I am getting 12kmpl with 100%AC on and the car is driven in heavy traffic conditions. As far as build quality goes, Ford is a level above then what a Maruti has ever made. Ride is far better than a ritz/swift. So, I think, it is more of value rather than just FE.
  23. Alternator is basically an electronic device which keeps the battery charged-up when Engine is Switched on. Hence, it is always advisable to put-off all the battery consuming devices, when Engine is switched-off. Otherwie, the battery will drain out and the car may refuse to start. After ignition also, battery only supplies the power.
  24. Yes, Indigo Manza could be easily run on CNG. You just need to get the kit installed from an authorised person. It will set you back by around 30k.
  25. hey, is that the cash discount or in terms of insurance and accesories?