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  1. I think, it's between Figo and Punto for you. As your budget is 5.5l, Figo would be the best buy for you. You can get yourself the Exi trim. You could even look at the Zxi version which would be heftier by around 30k. The car has a superb AC and a lot of features at the price.
  2. Wait for new Swift is not possible in this case. Is it worth going in for the older one at this point of time when : 1) It is going to be replaced soon. 2) It's on-road price is touching 6l. 3) The likes of Ford Figo are doing good numbers, and the fact that the car costs atleast some 60-70k less. Any opinions??
  3. I too have heard about Swift Diesel service's costing around 5k for the regular items. A little more time, and Regular servicing of Figo would be known. amjustdreamer@ Hey, good FE. Do tell about the efficiency now, after first servicing.
  4. I completely agree with the fact that GM vehicles have far too many glitches than their counterparts. I can say this hard -fact only after having a Opel Corsa Sail 1.4 with us for the last 6 years. The car was terrible on FE. It's AC broke down innumerable times. Nothing great on this one. Only +, I could recall would be the ride quality which is far better than any Maruti/Hyundai could even think of. The quality of interiors is another area, where it would definitely get better ratings than say a Maruti/Hyundai. GM should try making their cars more efficient and less prone to failures.
  5. hi, The KB series engines are definitely better in terms of performance as compared to Beat's s-tec unit. There are other nice engines in the market, like Hyundai's Kappa and Ford's Duratec.
  6. Hey mehul-bhp, nice FE figures from your workhorse. My petrol is hovering around 11kmpl in tight Delhi traffic conditions(you know pretty well, how traffic moves in Delhi). One of my friends is also considering to buy Figo diesel. He will make up his mind in a day or two. I will inform him about the mileage figures you got. How's FE in purely city with AC, if you have checked?
  7. As of now, i10 is out, due to it's small size and uninspiring highway manners. Now the competition is up between Figo, Swift and i20. As the price constraint settles as 6l max. , i20 diesel could not be included. Since other two are diesel at that price, i20 does not feels like a VFM buy as also it's AC and mileage issues. So, the war is on between Figo and Swift. Let's see who wins the title in this race?
  8. hi, Sorry to hear such horrifying experience of yours by such a reputed brand in the country and across the globe. I think it's high time Hyundai starts taking care of it's customers, or else will take the path Skoda has moved on.
  9. hi, Once you crank the engine, the driveshaft rotates at higher RPM initially, and settles down quickly to the relaxed levels. These levels are different for different vehicles. 650RPM is way too low, and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
  10. My friend is facing a similar dilemma. He needs to buy a hatchback soon. He has shortlisted i20 and figo. We TD both today, and found i20's was AC just not able to cool the cabin even after 10minutes of drive. On the other hand, Figo's AC was a chiller. He is also concerned about the FE of i20 petrol. The dealer assured 14kmpl in city with AC. I doubt that figure completely. It's time that i20 owners should come forward and inform about the exact situation, so that the potential buyers could be helped.
  11. hi, I went through your requirements and found that it is not at all worth to go in for any diesel vehicle. Hence, going by the current scenario the cars could be : 1.) Ritz : Discussed extensively here, and no doubt a good choice. 2.) Ford Figo : This is what I would recommend. I have bought one and could tell you that road visibility is great, as whole of the bonnet is visible. As you are still learning to drive this would help you maneuver in city conditions, unlike Ritz,i10,swift or W-R. Secondly, mine is the petrol variant is giving 12kmpl with AC on,( First service is still due). Thirdly, AC is an absolute chiller. In fact, I TD both Figo and i20 today,(my friend is going to buy a vehicle soon), and we both found that i20's AC was a fake show in front of Figo's. Fouth, The price at which the fully loaded petrol is coming,makes it the ideal choice at this level.
  12. Hey, There have been so many complaints about i10 mileage being low. Also, I have heard of i20 AC is too weak.Till what extent it is true? What could be the real-world FE figures that one could expect from i10 as well as i20 with AC?
  13. I hope it will be a complete new vehicle from GM. Pics do promise that. When will it come eventually?
  14. car_lover@ hi, My Figo(petrol) has done around 1000km's and is giving 11-12kmpl with 100% AC with the first service still due for atleast a month. The car is mostly driven in bumper-to-bumper Delhi traffic, hence the mileage figures are quite good for a car which is still to complete it's run-in period. Our Corsa Sail used to give only 10kmpl, so this is much better.
  15. hey, If AC is your main priority (and could very well be, as being a Delhite, I very well understand and experience the ferocity of heat), then seriously consider Ford Figo. My dad has just bought one, and I could tell you from my personal first-hand experience that, it's AC is a chiller. There is a technical reason for the same. Now, most hatchbacks are using a 80-90cc compressors for their AC units, while ford has used a 150cc compressor on Figo, making it a stonker. I suggest to take a TD of the petrol/diesel both. I am having the petrol one. Diesel's AC unit is, may be, even more efficient. Apart, from that , the car is priced so well with loads of bells and whistles on offer. Do consider this, as it is worth it.rahulgupta31012010-07-04 14:13:46
  16. I too think that either the VW or Skoda is going to be the one to bring in spruced-up versions of their puny motors. Hope Skoda brings it and improves their ASS.
  17. One of my close friends is finalizing to purchase i10.Now, the car will be bought in Chennai. I would like to know about the offers, discounts and deals one could expect on i10. It would be helpful to know the good dealers in here, as we are new to the place. Those who have recently purchased one, could really help in providing with the deal, they got and the dealership.
  18. As you will be using the car in city, you could very well check out Micra. Company has promised a FE of 19kmpl, and the car would be less expensive,than say an i20. Features on offer are good and somewhat,unique in class. As you have ruled other cars out,you could wait for new swift, which is making it's way fastand will surely give a tough fight to the likes of i20.
  19. Hello Sonal, IMO i20 would fit the bill fine as the car is relatively new and buying swift will leave you with an old model after the introduction of the replacement, which can be done anytime now..
  20. I think, this topic deserves a seperate thread for discussion.
  21. I too have heard of the AC issues in i20 1.2. But, not in a single i10 1.2 May be, i10 1.1 is having cooling problem.
  22. Congrats on the decision. What's the on-road price of your vehicle and the model?
  23. hey, Congrats on the purchase of this German marque. Hows the driving experience so far? Any troubles till now? And a good review....!
  24. Nice report there amjustdreamer.. Great efficiency figures. How much has your car done? Is the first free service done?
  25. I would strongly recommend to stay away from either the Safari or the Fusion. Apart from the fact that the two cars could prove to be high on maintenance, you simply have a budget in which you could lay your hands on a brand new machine. So,just don't look for second-hands. VW Vento will be coming, linea is going to have an engine upgrade and the new Fiesta is also likely to hit the shores. A lot of worthy options are coming. I think they will all be worth the wait.