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  1. Hey all Figo owners....How's everyone and their little ford running??? I am out of town and won't be able to update about it soon. Rest all, please share , what's going on with their machines?
  2. I will completely agree with bala, that if santa fe be brought at the mentioned price, will not be able to break the ice, and would only go the terracan/tucson way. If Hyundai price this around 12-15L, then only some good numbers could be expected? Is this coming in 5seater or 7seater config?? Any info on that?
  3. hi, As for the shaking and rattles you are talking about, I think is more in rumors and no actual incidents have been reported by-far. Ford built quality is a tad superior and will remain so. Though i20 is a good overall car, Figo does all that with a brilliant diesel engine and at a price less than 2l, which of-course is a big amount. Figo is the latest machine and is running on Indian roads after completing all the crash tests and mandatory road-safety tests conducted by ARAI, Euro-NCAP. Hence, there is no compromise on safety. Only factor could be the styling, which is sharper and bold in i20, whereas curvy and understated in Figo.
  4. congrats on the decision... IMO rear defogger is a really handy feature in north India. In winters, the mist formation is a regular issue and rear visibility would be down to zero. In that case, one needs to wipe it out by hand or the defogger could do the job for you. Hence it's advisable to go in for sportz.
  5. hello and hearty welcome to a place of like-minded people. Looking forward to a great and healthy learning experience for all. keep revving!!!
  6. A 100bhp+ diesel engine will be a perfect recipe to hit a high on the sales chart. Although a powerful petrol unit would also be a welcome, but for the sales, diesel would have to be the ideal choice.
  7. hi, Linea is a good option and worth a buy under giver requirements, but could wait for the more powerful linea which is due soon or even the VW vento and new Ford fiesta are round the corner. If he cant wait then linea would be the one, otherwise quite a lot of new batch of cars are entering, which could be worth waiting for...
  8. woow....a legend indeed. Wish to drive one of these...!!!!
  9. hi, Some facts which I recollected after reading this thread : 1.) Punto : A solid and sturdy vehicle from a manufacturer, marred with dwindling service network and parts availablitiy (still need to improve a lot on this). As with your requirements, it fits the bill but it's size won't be very helpful while maneuvering Delhi's narrow streets. You said that only Punto is offering Blue and me, which is actually not the case. Ford Figo is offering it and much more,if you look at the equipment list, and all that at a price almost lakh rupees cheaper. 2.) i20 is a well-round car with no major flaw,whatsoever. I have heard it's AC is not a chiller and the engine ,not a stonker,but diesel is good-enough. It's ass is much better and a better resale is assured. 3.) Ford Figo : Latest and well-built. It has features comparable to Punto or even more and at a price much less. Ford's ass has improved ages. So this could be an option worth looking for, and Nissan's micra is almost here, which could also prove to be a worthy machine.
  10. I think you should stay away from the palio as the mileage is pretty high and asking price is way high for a 2004 palio. I would rather advice a vehicle which is less than 5 yr old. It could be santro/wagon-r/alto.
  11. i20 is a good option to consider here. But why not figo? It's most practical of the lot. 1.) It has all the safety features which i20 boasts of. 2.) The AC is far more efficient than i20,(multiple users are facing problems of low cooling). read threads on team bhp regarding this. 3.) It comes at a price cheaper by about 2lakhs. So, a great saving indeed...!!
  12. Hi, Both wagon-r and i10 are equally good options and it's your personal decision to decide btw. the two. Micra will be a nice car going by the initial impressions and could be worth looking at...
  13. @thebull hey one of my friends is up selling his honda city in Hyderabad...let me know if you are interested...
  14. Go for figo diesel. It is simply more practical of the lot. The car has more space,a proved and reliable diesel engine with enough power and grunt to take on the highway drives,SAFER with all the equipment like airbags and ABS/EBD, has a fantastic AC and the list of features is so long that ritz would come no-nearer. Have a TD and decide...or just read the ownership reviews of the large number of figo owners...
  15. @winner48 I don't think so that Vitara would be offered in CNG/LPG. It is just not justified to do so, forget of buying such a thing.
  16. Hey welcome to the forum and congrats on the new buy... Please share more pics and the experience till now with the gorgeous machine...!!rahulgupta31012010-06-16 18:34:10
  17. It's really disheartening to see such great products of engineering falling like pieces in no time. The number of complaints as also their magnitude is enough to put a big question on the Italian standards. Apart from that, biggest disappointing factor is the response time from the maker.. at-least Fiat should have reacted to such situations immediately... It is pathetic on Fiat's part that they are not able to resolve the issues in such a long time.
  18. Sad to hear about your problem... Even my figo is a little sluggish picking up from 2nd gear with AC on, but not to an extent which can discomfort me. May be you could go to the dealer and again have a TD back-to-back with your car and the dealer's TD vehicle. This way you would be able to make out the apparent difference between the two..
  19. my id is rather self-explanatory : rahulgupta - my name 3101 - my DOB 31-01-89
  20. latesh140@ Please let us know the car on which you have zeroed on..and hows the buying experience?
  21. rahul should have congratulated you first for your Figo !Running in period is crucial for any engine. The precautions are specified by each manufacturer for specific models.Certain speeds should not be exceeded and certain rpm's should not also be exceeded.This running in is for a specified number of kms usually 2000 or something like that figure.This is when the piston and cylinder inner liner mate' date=' the camshaft, inlet, outlet valves start their life cycle, the crankshaft and connecting rods? free themselves. So one has to be careful not to mess up the mechanicals.Your car's Owner's Manual will give details of as to what is desired for the Figo?[/quote'] Thanks for the wishes and the advice regarding the run-in. mehul@ congrats and welcome to the figo bandwagon of customers..share your initial experience with the car and pics..!!!!
  22. hey..that's a scoop man.. nice catch Sandy...launch of a diesel powered accord will put the entire game in Honda's court and will force on the likes of camry to have it soon...
  23. hey guys..what are the precautions one needs to take while the vehicle is still in the run-in ??