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  1. woow...a lot of hard work must have gone into making that beautiful replica....nice work buddy..!!
  2. hey tanmay, that is really low for the full service cost. What all things, honda people have done in your car?
  3. hey...from which dealership have you bought your's???
  4. It's really good to learn that Fiat is working up hard to provide a good A.S.S experience...keep-it-up Fiat.. rahulgupta31012010-06-09 13:01:46
  5. Nice-update buddy...very-good FE figures. Mine is a petrol and FE is roaming around 10-11. My vehicle has clocked around 550 kms. Few days back, it's audio unit got stuck as I paired my phone with it, but didn't disconnected it. Refixing of the fuse has done the job...other than that,no complaints..
  6. This is nothing but a bash on MSL image, which is the most established and trusted brand here in India. Such long waiting -periods are nothing but mockery on the brand. rahulgupta31012010-06-08 17:28:35
  7. SX4 is a good all-rounder, and there is no particular deal-breaking point. It would be rather better to have a hatch if one is buying for the parents, and for that jazz is really good to put your money in. may be there is a waiting period of 25days, but still you will be happy with the reliable, efficient and well-built Honda product and their after sales..!!
  8. As the entire service record is available, one could look at it as a serious option. The asking price is on a higher side and should go down by some 70-80k's or even a lakh, as suggested by rssh. I completely agree with Durango_dude in getting the car checked by a competent mechanic from Toyota and also by your own trusted one.
  9. Very informative review.. More of these could do well as it caters to the most essential element of an automobile i.e. safety..
  10. ohkk....hows your experience of the vehicle in terms of ride over bad roads? How well the car soaks up undulations??rahulgupta31012010-06-05 18:43:58
  11. This is actual a?disguising stunt just to catch more Attention & to add more Charm & Curiosity to the Beat-brand' date=' so that people are forced to think that why an Already Gorgeous Beat is?Wearing such kinda Costume- Something new is on the Anvil, especially?all this upcoming Diesel version. Its just a kind of Publicity/Advertisement Trick. Nothing else.. [/quote'] You have a very credible point sir, and it is not actual camouflaging, it's kinda design theme kind of work...
  12. hmm...quite futuristic, but still quite a time away to hit the roads, till then the question is "who will carry this company"?? Punto is not doing so-good numbers and would need a replacement soon. The service is still far from satisfactory.
  13. As the car is driven thoroughly in traffic conditions, FE would be beating aroung 10-11 kmpl which would go up marginally after the run-in...
  14. Hey dats the Really cool looking CHill colour na !! What's the FE you're getting from it ?? 1.2 ZXi Correct sir..this is the colour which Ford calls "chill"... In actual terms it is a bit of light pista shade...it looks cool and somewhat refreshing to eyes...!!
  15. I think colour of the vehicle could be changed but a formal notification should be given to the concerned RTO for the same. May be an approval is also required...
  16. Those are real-good FE figures in actual driving scenarios...good going....
  17. As the car is driven by my dad, he is not much concerned with the looks so no change to alloys.. I will check the Tyre-pressure and will let you know...
  18. congrats on the purchase... I have heard about some issues while sitting in/out due to the car's low slung design. What's your first-hand experience of it?
  19. Agreed rahul1810... A non-camouflaged beat would have disguised it better than this one...
  20. I didn't need to create any account with imageshack.us' date=' I used the browse button to select pics from my PC, then selected the resize option below it, and uploaded the pics. Once upload is done, goto each uploaded image on imageshack and copy its "Direct URL" and past the same in your post betwee the tags [*img*'] & [*/img*]. Remove the * during actual posting. Are you able to upload the pics without making an account at imageshack.us???