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  1. Its perfect scorpio and xylo killer, I already rate Innova as a best MUV.
  2. Hi gurrala74, Congrats for having this great bike. I am big fan of SUZUKI and also planning to buy slingshot in Apr-May. So that I would go through some detaila reviews of this great bike.
  3. Yes surely purchasing a Bajaj or TVS bike is coming some steps down, even I don't like Hero-Honda when things come to brand image. But these are the vehicles you can have at cheap rates with some compromise in quality and performance. As you can spend around 1 lack I would suggest you to go for Bajaj avenger 220.
  4. Already bought my dear Dolphin (Dzire) 2 months ago. Congrats and welcome to K series owners community. Have fun preferring safty.
  5. FZ tires are not bad' date=' but the depth of threads is less. [/quote'] But still I think there was no need of being so big.
  6. When I purchased the Amaron at Rs. 750 for my Suzuki Samurai it costed me for Rs. 750 with warranty of 5 years out of which 2 years were declared as guarantee. I still think it was the best deal I have done. The Battery is also maintainence free, no need for routine check up and found costlier by just RS. 100-200 than others, and the bigger one was of Rs. 1400.
  7. Tanks seems to be similar to GS 150R. And why they are experimenting with the alloys?
  8. Yes, of course he is one of the best drivers in WRC, but to be the honest I want him to claim the title by driving some other car of manufacturer other than Citroen. Because Car matters a lot in WRC.
  9. Any WRC fans here? FIA has announced calender for Thirteen events of WRC 2011. Lets hope some more manufacturers will dare to participate because of new rules and regulations.
  10. Hey Anjan Thanks a lot for posting pics, it saved my efforts.
  11. Just read the news that Suzuki India going to expand there products line up by bringing a world class scooter "Suzuki Skydrive" in India. After looking the pics of Suzuki Skydrive you will notice that this launch will change the definition of scooter in India.