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  1. Well, Have a good day to all.... I always had taken your help in any automotive decision. A Great thanx to all of you for your reply. Coming to the point, i want to buy a nongear bike for my little bro. We already had an activa so he don't want it anymore because he gotted bored of activa & want something new which can satisfies his needs. We are thinking of Dio because of her matte grey colour which can catch anyone's attraction & suzuki access because of its great drivability and main aspect of its performance. However, mileage is not a big concern. Now coming to the tvs jupiter. Its not a eye catching but Tvs also provides a matte grey which my bro likes that and when comparing to the access and dio. They are old and had get a very good response from customers.... Well i just want to know the pros and cons of these 3 bikes and overall which you should prefer in terms of college boy???
  2. If Anyone have some clear pics of upcoming zmr then please post here... and i will buy only if their price is less than 1,50..
  3. Hello moderator and hello everyone, Well i need a bike desperately and confused between karizma zmr and upcoming zmr. Well i have avrg knowledge of cars and bikes and i want to choose only between those two bikes. I am totally satisfied with zmr's Mileage,performance, looks. no problem at all but now i am thinking to buy the upcoming zmr because old zmr is outdated now and i just want to know that When it will be launching new zmr? expectations? And what about the mileage??? Mileage I want is above 30 or 30 but not less than this. And after all what will be the price for new zmr??? does it worth to wait for it??? And about maintenance issue??? Sorry for much question but many of us want answers of this types of qtns. Thanx in advance
  4. Its an 2.3 litre VTEC engine churning 143 hp. So,What will be the fuel economy of this car? and will i be able to fit CNG/LPG kit?
  5. Thanx all of you guyz for helping me. I had checked everything except claim of insurance. Don't know the reason of repaint but at this stage it will be ofcoursely repainted, because its a very old car i.e.2002 model. As it is 11 year old car, so will this required more maintenaince cost??? and 1 more question spare parts of this car will be easily available in the market ???
  6. I had seen HONDA ACCORD 2002 top model (petrol). Had done 72,000kms. Its an repaint car and overall condition is good. It has fitted honda mac wheel and aso with pioneer music system. Interior is also posh and tip top. The main reason to buy this car is it has 1 no VIP registration. It has all safety features abs, 2 airbags. Asking price is Rs.1,10,000. Is it worth to buy?