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  1. You should definitely wait for the new version if you are a swift fan. The new swift will be better in all the departments i.e refinement, mileage, looks ( varies person to person ).
  2. Hello folks, its been quiet a while since my last post, got caught up in studies and then job. Well, came across this test mule testing in Chennai !
  3. Stated to be the replacement for Linea, The all new sedan Aegea has been caught without any disguise, and oh boy it looks like a typical Italian beauty !! Fiat fans, have fun
  4. Stated to be the replacement for Linea, The all new sedan Aegea has been caught without any disguise, and oh boy it looks like a typical Italian beauty !! Fiat fans, have fun
  5. Go for Jazz Diesel !!! You might want to wait a bit long...But I believe the quality of the car will be unlike any of its rivals.. Given a hatchback would be more than comfortable for 3 people !! And about structural safety , it bagged the safest car as per recent NCAP test ratings among hatchbacks.. Google it you can see...I am not sure about the score it achieved !!
  6. Honda Jazz fits your requirement in all possible ways...Nice peppy petrol engine ...huge boot space. And given that you have a budget of around 10 Lakhs, you can probably go for the high end model enjoying the benefit of all the goodies like Paddle shifters and many more !!! Sedan can be considered only if you need huge boot space. But since you have stated that your importance for boot space is moderate you can go for Honda jazz without any fuss !!
  7. Grand i10 (AMT Variant ) for your wife and Octavia ( No reasons for rejecting a skoda). But consider the cons of owing a Skoda as in after sales services and such, As such I have never experienced any issues myself but have heard a quiet a lot of frustrated owners. Among Sedans it should be Octavia/Jetta. Or if you are a fan of SUVs you can consider Terrano or the Scorpio !
  8. HI Me and my Dad were in a similar dielma when we were comparing between Swift ZDI 2011 and Sx4 Vdi ..We ended up with the swift ZDi for the following reaons 1-> ABS, EBD, Alloys , Factory fitted music system, Airbags . 2-> Primary difference is the interior space and the boot space, In fact we compromised in both the facets when we went in for Swift ZDI but we are immensely happy with the decision we took since, boot space is hardly a matter ( For our use ) 3-> Driving shouldn't be that much of a difference. 4->Considering the fun to drive quotient , a peppy hatchback ( Polo 1.5 TDI, Elite i20 ) is a lot of fin rather than a underpowered entry level sedan ( Etios , Sunny ) 5-> Look wise there shouldn't be any level of comparision between a Polo ( Solid Built ) / Elite i20( Trendy ) and a Etios ( skinny and blunt IMO )
  9. More than doubled ????OMG !! I knew Toyota was banking on the " Reliability Factor " and increased the prices, but never realized they have actually increased by 100%....I mean does it seriosuly differ from the competitors like the Aria, Xylo( Best IMO ), Ertiga for the personal and even the Mobilio ??? What I feel is people spending so much must actually come out of the shell and trust better cars , not just the brand !
  10. Yes, that seems to be the case...This is how reputed companies going after profits start losing their loyal customers Sincerely hope Honda pay heed to all the issues and better the product !
  11. Hi All Came across this thread in another Auto forum " Team Bhp ". Having read that , am curios to know if any of those issues are being faced by members over here as well?? Am shocked to a extent that a " Honda " car are facing these issues, primarily known for their quality.
  12. Finally as we are getting used to the looks, I guess I started to even like the looks Thanks to the review by Renuka of AUTOCAR INDIA And apart from the looks, everything is new to this workhorse. Right from the chassis, suspension and the interiors are looking classy too !!
  13. Exactly !! We might perhaps fall in love with this design , after all it's a Scorpio !! Yeah, booking an SUV might be the first step towards purchasing an Vehicle online
  14. This is it..The all new Mahindra Scorpio 2014 !! I guess only loyal Scorpio lovers Might love the looks of this one.Seriously Mahindra could have done a better job in the looks department.What were they even thinking while designing the tail lamps cluster??? No question regarding the performance, it will be as solid as it was and even better ! Fingers crossed , have to wait for another week for the unveiling !!