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  1. more detailed description of your requirements like usage, type ( SUV, Sedan etc..) , number of passengers, brand importance, will provide you with an accurate answer from the fellow petrol heads
  2. 1st thing on my mind after watching the LIVE web-cast of the New City launch was " Was there too much Hype created for too little a change " Being a huge fan of the Honda and taking into consideration the significant amount of changes they brought about to each generation of the City, I seriously expected a bit more different looking atleast from the outside. But no regrets on the interiors and the long list of newly added features which are true Honda class. And given that Honda has added a new diesel engine will surely make the New Honda a huge hit in the Indian market.
  3. Hi , Just my opinion, this is not a minor glitch as per the standards being maintained in today's cars. And speaking about road conditions even an S- Class is not safe in India. And moreover the safety of the co-passengers when the doors doesn't get locked automatically is at stake. So pull up the Nissan people and get the issue solved.
  4. I don't think so there is any kind of market viability for these cars in India taking into account the FIAT brand and the price range people want to spend on an Fiat (In INDIA)
  5. Most welcome Eco sport is nothing but a Hatch back with high ground clearance and with a design which will have lovers as well as haters!! Coming to performance there is nothing path breaking or nothing that makes it stand out from other cars. But the Eco- boost engine seems to be a revolutionary engine worldwide and so the price tag So, practically speaking, We need to treat Eco sport as a hatch back with SUV looks. Performance wise, I will put my money on the New Honda Jazz ! So its your call finally !
  6. Regarding service, Maruthi Suzuki should be the best in India as far as i have experienced. So buy a Maruthi and don’t worry about the Maintenance !! And please do note that the previous generation Jazz is out of market. But the next generation has already been launched in Japan and has created a sensation. (check the pics in Auto car ) And coming to poor quality of cars, i do agree with that because i have heard people saying that the Honda city of India and that of Singapore has significant changes in the quality of interiors. And I can also say that it happens for almost all the cars!! Regarding exchange policy of Honda, I don't have enough knowledge. But i can say that it's better not to expect exchange policy for a newly launched product until and unless the market is really bad! Love driving?? Go for Swift or wait for the Jazz
  7. Or the best thing to do ??? wait till mid 2014 and be one among the first to get your hands on the all new Honda jazz diesel..!! Trust me it will not disappoint you coming to swift , I own a 2011 swift zdi, its a world class product .But it should be noted that maruthi is looking for replacing the model as early as 2017 . So you would like to mind that as well !!
  8. Is that a tata ARIA riding beside the nano ??? What upgrades are being done to the ARIA ?
  9. why do we get to here more problems about high end cars from the brands which are considered as the best in terms of quality like the skods, audis and bmws??? Is it because they treat the indian consumers foolish and also the very illogical quality standards being set by the Indian goverment??(for example the ground clearance rule for SUV's?? :angry:
  10. Looks real solid !!! bring it on to India, Toyota !!
  11. Yes Shashank...absolutely true.. But the scenario in India doesnt seem to be like that. Few days ago i went through a thread of an Audi q7 owner sharing his horrible experience of his car stalling while on the drive. So i am not sure how much the technology will be trusted these days even by persons owning AUDIs. Saying so ,i don't think so India is already ready for an ISUZU passenger vehicle keeping in mind their alomst zero service network across india when compared to a Maruthi or a Hyundai
  12. Correct me if I am wrong on this. The most important factor for a car to be successfully is its brand image. Consider for example the Force One which is a really good considering that the engine, gear box and the chassis belongs to the dialmer (a mercedes benz subsidy), but still the force one failed miserably-------The reason being the brand image. And also the much acclaimed TATA Aria, one would simply refuse to buy it because it belongs to the TATA's !! The problem being no one would want to spend so much for a Tata vehicle.!! So before launching new vehicles in INDIA, i think the most important for any company is to make sure it has good positive image of the brand !!
  13. It should also be noted that this seems to be only a rendering.....As far as styling goes, we should not doubt the Mercedes -Benz guys out there....They are real good. The 2014 S Class for example !!! so I guess this Is just the beginning !!! And coming to the point that X6 is not a worthy model by BMW, I bet there will be die hard fans for the very same model, going by the sheer looks !! and obviously for the monster below the hood !!! Every company's seems to be following the same strategy...i.e. to make their presence felt in all the segments ! so This is what Mercedes is trying to do right now !! Cheers !!
  14. Image and info source :http://www.rushlane....on-1292361.html Thanks And Mercedes benz confirms it too......... http://www.carscoops...nfirms-bmw.html
  15. obviously mph !!!! cruze can never have a top speed of 140 KMPH
  16. hi, Just came across a very interesting pic of what is supposed to be a rival to the BMY X6 crossover.....SO what do you guys say??? Is it worth a try for the Benz to challenge BMW with this model????? Image and info source :http://www.rushlane....on-1292361.html And Mercedes benz confirms it too......... http://www.carscoops...nfirms-bmw.html
  17. It should be Grand i10 ...Looks, equipments,Comfort-----i10 Thought i am a big fan of swift, i would say grandi10 is better for city usage for a lady. Reason---Not too powerful which is required for highways...but peppy enough for easy maneouring in the city !! And for a budget of 6 lakhs you can get a fully loaded grand i10 rather than a least equipped swift or a polo or even a micra... So for the requirements mentioned i would recommend the grand i10.!!
  18. the simple reason is to improve their customer base ! but the thing is that SUV's are not meant to look luxurious (if you get what i mean) The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word SUV is 'Sheer ruggedness'-Fortuner,Scorpio,Hummer,Duster,The Ford rangers in the US markets...all of these are examples of rugged SUVs which people love So i guess bentleys and rolls royce should propably stick to luxury sedans The hummers and mahindra, the toyotas will look after the SUV's and of course the hummers
  19. Being a huge fan of the chevrolet cruze (Not of chevrolet in INDIA), i have been waiting for some news about the future of the next generation of the chevrolet cruze.. so, finally some good news !! here are the latest pics of the 2015 chevrolet cruze.. Expect this to reach India by 2016 ... The interiors are the best part !!
  20. Speaking look wise, is a SUV meant to look luxurious?? I guess SUV and rugged looks go well together unlike SUV and luxurious looks!! When companies like bentley's and Rolls Royce(Both known for their sheer designing and elegance) cannot design a good looking luxury SUV, no other companies can do the same !!
  21. Hi all, Today i came across som einteresting rendered pics of what is to be an Rolls Royce SUV !! Now, to be frank i was not a big of the Bentley SUV concept, which was displayed previously. So do you guys think this is better look wise??? Because i really hated this one !! even more than the Bentley Suv !!
  22. My view is that CNG filling stations are not yet reached all the cities and all the areas like the petrol and diesel pumps in India There is no point in companies introducing CNG powered vehicles when the CNG filling stations are quite few (Very few actually).