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  1. Finally today, the first Leaf was delivered to a customer in the San Francisco bay area.
  2. nataraj2010-11-01 01:03:33
  3. GM fans in the US are cribbing about this not being available here ...
  4. How do you achieve self sufficiency with diesel ? Like I noted above - checkout Peak Oil and its consequences ....
  5. I was allowed to order today. Because of the way Nissan has handled all the reservation & ordering through internet - dealers were competing for the orders and I could get a quote from a dealer for thousand below list price. With accessories it came to $32,500 - and after 7,500 tax credit later will be a nice round figure of 25,000. Same as most family sized ICE cars and Prius.
  6. nataraj

    Passat 2011

    Hmmm ... the front looks like something from 80s ...
  7. Today Nissan started taking orders for Leaf - from the first batch of reservation holders. These people will get their cars in December. Most of them ordered within 10 minutes of getting their emails on Apr-20th. I'm in the next batch - which means probably a January delivery ... Features etc : Official photos :
  8. NHTSA now says that in ALL 58 cases they have examined, it is driver's fault.
  9. In what is a first for an Indian auto manufacturer, M&M has got the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to sell its diesel pickup & SUV in US.
  10. The Indica Electric uses a lithium ion battery to provide a claimed range of about 120 miles.