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  1. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    Finally today, the first Leaf was delivered to a customer in the San Francisco bay area.
  2. nataraj2010-11-01 01:03:33
  3. Cruze Hatchback: Not a hoax this time.

    GM fans in the US are cribbing about this not being available here ...
  4. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    How do you achieve self sufficiency with diesel ? Like I noted above - checkout Peak Oil and its consequences ....
  5. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    I was allowed to order today. Because of the way Nissan has handled all the reservation & ordering through internet - dealers were competing for the orders and I could get a quote from a dealer for thousand below list price. With accessories it came to $32,500 - and after 7,500 tax credit later will be a nice round figure of 25,000. Same as most family sized ICE cars and Prius.
  6. Passat 2011

    Hmmm ... the front looks like something from 80s ...
  7. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    Today Nissan started taking orders for Leaf - from the first batch of reservation holders. These people will get their cars in December. Most of them ordered within 10 minutes of getting their emails on Apr-20th. I'm in the next batch - which means probably a January delivery ... Features etc : Official photos :
  8. 89 deaths tied to Toyota acceleration NHTSA now says that in ALL 58 cases they have examined, it is driver's fault.
  9. In what is a first for an Indian auto manufacturer, M&M has got the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to sell its diesel pickup & SUV in US.
  10. The Indica Electric uses a lithium ion battery to provide a claimed range of about 120 miles.