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  1. Important thing to note about today's announcement from Honda is that - now every major auto manufacturer has announced plans to bring electric vehicles to market in the next 2 to 3 years. It is truly amazing - if you think about the fact that in the first of the decade they worked hard to kill electric cars. What a difference $147 a barrel oil price makes - not to speak of change in gaurd at the white house.
  2. @Sethi Saab - what I wrote above is true. All auto majors said they won't do electric cars but will do "hydrogen" to dilute California zero emission. You can see "Who killed the elctric car" for the gory details. Ofcourse from India you may not appreciate the politics here ... More over electric cars are neither impractical and also not "not very efficient". They are the most efficient. Simple thermodynamics, dictates that. Let me just link to an article on the analysis by the foremost hydrogen fuel cell expert Professor Ulf Bossel ... Infact, hydrogen cars have now become butt of jokes - only some industry lobbyists try to push it. Here is a long forum thread on that ... Back on topic, as I expected, Honda is going to announce that they will market pug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. I expect a solemn and dignified burial (after removing expensive platinum) for their FCX Clarity hydrogen cars that are leased in "high single digits" once their lease is up. "Nobody beats thermodynamics"
  3. Hydrogen cars are a mirage - just a political ploy by all automakers to beat the California zero emission mandate. Hydrogen car is 3 times less efficient than a battery electric car and a LOT more expensive. Besides, a completely new fueling infrastructure needs to be built from scratch (which they are asking governments to do). A hydrogen station costs millions - and a fast battery charger costs less than $50K. Honda needs to jump on the battery badwagon soon or they will be history.
  4. Here is a better story ...
  5. Look at this bit of news. Honda will completely stop selling non-hybrid Civic in Japan.
  6. One of the holdouts has fallen. Toyota will market pure electric cars starting in 2012. That leaves Honda as the last holdout. Recently Toyota invested in Tesla - now we know why.
  7. Indeed. Oil burning has done enough damage - no need to glamourize it ... Interesting story. Henrik Fisker decided to start his EV company after Monaco's prince told him he wouldn't be photographed with an ICE car. ICE cars he knew were as cool as CRT monitors.
  8. This is the new iAd for Nissan Leaf. Apple CEO during his address revealing iPhone 4 showed this new apple ad platform using this Leaf ad. Infact he booked Nissan Leaf using the iAd. Move over smoke belching cars. Meet the new cool.
  9. "D'Ann Rauh worked exclusively with the Dodge Design team to select the personal touches she wanted on her car." Seems to say she wanted this color. Who are we to argue ? BTW, I think the muscle car era is ending. Really great driving sports cars will all be electric in 10 years. Wish it was 10 years ago.
  10. Talking about CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) BMW has a new factory in my state of Washington making it. The commonality is that Boeing also located in Washington is another major customer for carbon fiber.
  11. I don't know how inexpensive they will be. But the $25K hinted below would be great ....
  12. Nice city car. Doubt it will come to US and be affordable. Here is an old article on Prof. Gordon Murray. So getting rid of weight is a key part of his vision' date=' though there is more to it than that.
  13. Here is an indeapth article on the Megacity.
  14. I was going to post a Tesla thread next week (when the IPO happens) ... anyway, a few things about Model S. First, it is usually referred to as Model S - so you may want to change the title. Second, the base range is 160 miles. There would be additional trims with higher battery capacity - but the prices have not been disclosed. Third, the price of $49,900 is after the $7,500 tax rebate. Thats what the * after the price means. Forth, the following is the best place to get information on Model S. See this thread for how they are actually going to build it. They will use the recently bought NUMMI factory in California to build the cars. Yes, it is a very beautiful car. I have it on my desktop as one of the backgrounds.
  15. Here are a couple of test drive videos. Everyone is gaga over it - obviously electrics drive better than petrol cars in every way.
  16. Cadillac Converj has unfortunately been cancelled.
  17. Neither is Volt - it will be sold in EU, Australia, China etc under different brands/names. The range extender will take multiple fuels in next gen.
  18. How is the reliability of Land/Range Rovers ? Recent J D Power Initial Quality Study puts them at absolute bottom among the 33 manufacturers.">