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  1. Oh yes. One more gas guzzler - exactly what GM needs for their next bankruptcy
  2. Test drive reports have started to come in.
  3. Well, it is not like EV is anything but a niche answer in the US. Even if every car sold from next year is an EV - it will take 30 years to replace all ICE cars. Even the most optimistic estimates say 10% of the sales will be EVs in 2020.
  4. Interestingly Reva claims to be the world's largest maker of EVs. BTW, you don't have 10 years to start thinking of EVs. Before 2015, we will get severe oil shartage - would have already happenned but for the Great Recession. Long queues at the petrol station will force a rethink long before 10 years.
  5. For a long time a lot of people (like me) have wanted a "real" electric car (or EV as we would call them - Electric Vehicle). The intention of this thread is to update you with what is happening in the EV world. There are two main reasons why we should all ditch the smelly polluting cars and move to clean EVs - Climate Change : We all know about this. - Peak Oil : Last 5 years the production of crude oil has flattenned even though the price keeps going up. It is likely we have already hit Peak Oil - from now on the world can't increase production, even though demand from China & India keeps increasing. Because of these two reasons every major auto company in the world has started talking about making electric vehicles. This is the beginning of the end of Internal Combuston Engine - or as I say ICEage. Nissan Leaf is the first mass produced EV. Nissan & Renault plan to make 500,000 EVs every year in a couple of years. Other companies will start making EVs in small numbers. In the US Nissan Leaf costs about $25,000 after tax credits. That is the same price as a Prius. On April 20th Nissan started taking pre-orders for the car. In December the cras will be delivered in 5 areas in the US, including where I live - Seattle. From now through December, we will select our dealers, test drive, get electrical inspection done, get the charger ("EVSE") installed. Nissan is allowing some 500 journalists et al to drive the car cars for the first time this week. I'll keep you all informed about Leaf and other EVs in the coming weeks and months. For more information checkout this forum. Let us all pray for the end of ICEage
  6. BTW, Reva claims to be the largest electric car company in the world - based on number of EVs sold. Ofcource, Nissan will overcame Reva this December when the Leaf is released.
  7. renewable sources of fuel: Hybrids, electric, hydrogen, bio-diesel Scratch hydrogen from renewable. Hydrogen is not a fuel. Bio-diesel is ok at small quantities. Otherwise it starts interfering with food. So scratch that. Hybrids : Depends on what type. Plug-in hybrids can get quite popular. Electric : Yes, thats what the future looks like.
  8. So, how much is that in total for April ? How does that compare to last year ? As you may know China beat US last yeat to become the largest car market. It is on track to repeat the performance this year. There is enormous interest in the Indian & Chinese car markets here - esp. to figure out what the demand for Oil is going to be. That will drive the oil prices - and we are probably in for another oil price shock next year because of Peak Oil.
  9. Yes, Tata was making what you would call SUVs in the US. No cars. Indica was their first passenger car.
  10. Yes, when I was there - the foreign car makers had just started making cars and selling a few dozen cars. Tata wasn't making any cars. 400,000 cars sold the whole year ...
  11. Just wanted to find out what the Indian scene is - not been in touch for a decade now.