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  1. For a long time a lot of people (like me) have wanted a "real" electric car (or EV as we would call them - Electric Vehicle). The intention of this thread is to update you with what is happening in the EV world. There are two main reasons why we should all ditch the smelly polluting cars and move to clean EVs - Climate Change : We all know about this. - Peak Oil : Last 5 years the production of crude oil has flattenned even though the price keeps going up. It is likely we have already hit Peak Oil - from now on the world can't increase production, even though demand from China & India keeps increasing. Because of these two reasons every major auto company in the world has started talking about making electric vehicles. This is the beginning of the end of Internal Combuston Engine - or as I say ICEage. Nissan Leaf is the first mass produced EV. Nissan & Renault plan to make 500,000 EVs every year in a couple of years. Other companies will start making EVs in small numbers. In the US Nissan Leaf costs about $25,000 after tax credits. That is the same price as a Prius. On April 20th Nissan started taking pre-orders for the car. In December the cras will be delivered in 5 areas in the US, including where I live - Seattle. From now through December, we will select our dealers, test drive, get electrical inspection done, get the charger ("EVSE") installed. Nissan is allowing some 500 journalists et al to drive the car cars for the first time this week. I'll keep you all informed about Leaf and other EVs in the coming weeks and months. For more information checkout this forum. Let us all pray for the end of ICEage
  2. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    Finally today, the first Leaf was delivered to a customer in the San Francisco bay area.
  3. nataraj2010-11-01 01:03:33
  4. In what is a first for an Indian auto manufacturer, M&M has got the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to sell its diesel pickup & SUV in US.
  5. Cruze Hatchback: Not a hoax this time.

    GM fans in the US are cribbing about this not being available here ...
  6. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    How do you achieve self sufficiency with diesel ? Like I noted above - checkout Peak Oil and its consequences ....
  7. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    I was allowed to order today. Because of the way Nissan has handled all the reservation & ordering through internet - dealers were competing for the orders and I could get a quote from a dealer for thousand below list price. With accessories it came to $32,500 - and after 7,500 tax credit later will be a nice round figure of 25,000. Same as most family sized ICE cars and Prius.
  8. Passat 2011

    Hmmm ... the front looks like something from 80s ...
  9. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    Today Nissan started taking orders for Leaf - from the first batch of reservation holders. These people will get their cars in December. Most of them ordered within 10 minutes of getting their emails on Apr-20th. I'm in the next batch - which means probably a January delivery ... Features etc : Official photos :
  10. 89 deaths tied to Toyota acceleration NHTSA now says that in ALL 58 cases they have examined, it is driver's fault.
  11. The Indica Electric uses a lithium ion battery to provide a claimed range of about 120 miles.
  12. 2010 New York Auto Show (USA)

    Nice. Looks like most of the pictures show few people around the cars. Which cars had the most people around ?
  13. Once upon a time, people used to think electric cars were just glorified golf carts. No more. We have Tesla Roadster that is as quick as any of its ICE competitors and now this.
  14. 89 deaths tied to Toyota acceleration

    Driver Error Likely Behind Many Toyota Crashes : NPR
  15. Nissan Leaf & the end of ICEage

    Here is an interesting comparative review of Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
  16. American Muscles

  17. Honda says G'Bye to diesel and Kei.

    Most countries are dropping subsidies on normal hybrids. Rebates will now be only on Electrics and plug-in hybrids. Japan just announced this, foe eg., which prompted Toyota to reduce Prius production. Here is an interesting Japanese perspective Nikkei column urges Japanese automakers to drop hybrids, focus on EVs instead They are worried about Chinese grabbing market share for electrics.
  18. Honda says G'Bye to diesel and Kei. Couple of interesting points ...