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  1. thanx all for reply .. i use cluch for changing gears so no problem there ... but i m not sure how to go to local mechanic as i m not good in bike stuff he might fool me so ...i used to go to honda service centre now i think i have to look for new mechanic ..BTW which is good engine oil ??
  2. Hi my avg was above 50 in city and near to 60 on highways but its reduced to 45-50. i own hinda shine for 1 yr its avg is going down day by day. what could be the problem i had it serviced two months back from honda service centre. ( i feel honda guys only wash and change the oil from bike nothing else ) i have noticed one thing when parked gear never changed above 1 without pressing cluch but now i can go to 4th gear. while driving also i can change gear with out pressing cluch ?? any tips where to look for ?? what could be problem ??
  3. hey guys i have honda shine i have been facing some problems after 2nd servicing this time "engine flushing" is done.i dont know what it is but mechanic said this will make your ride more smooth.here are the problems 1. it stopped when it was in neutral then when full clutch was pressed, this happened 2-3 times and happened in initial 15-20 mins when started from long halt. 2. bike doesnt start in first kick when i start after long halt otherwise its perfectly okay. 3. i have not checked it but looks like my average has gone down to 40s from 50s when i took my bike honda service station they took a ride and said fuel level is less thats causing bike to stop ( i always put 2lts fuel ) and if thats the case why it never stopped before? finally he said we can do avg adjustment coz they didnt find any problem in bike i decided not to give bike. what could be the problem ? shall i take to local garage ? as well as give some tips to improve avg & maintain bike . thanx ninad
  4. hey i m planning to buy new bike in 150cc which one to buy unicorn or apache (150cc) i read that apache has gear box problems & tvs service is not good please tell me which one to buy .
  5. hey yesterday i thought over it now i am thinking of getting 2nd hand bike try for 1-2 moths then sell that one and buy new one is it better than trying directly on new bike ?
  6. hey hi all i want to learn bike and my friends suggested me get a new bike rather than going for second hand bike. friends telling me that dont go for bajaj as there is maintenance problems as i dont have much idea about bike ppl please suggest me bike ? my height is 5-7.