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  1. Hi, I brought Fiat Linea Dynamic year ago, within the year of usage I found the below issues, where I need some assistance and details are below, please help me. Details: Car Make: Fiat Model: Linea Dynamic Color: Minimal Gray KM in 1 Yr: 15000 Services Done: 2 Times Company Initiave: 1 clutch Upgrade and 1 general Checkup Issues: 1. Clutch Pad , Pressure Plate issue adn major braek down of car within years time and replacement took 15 days. and every thing was charagable including Spare, labour, allignment etc 2. Break Pad has to be replaced within 10 Months and it was Charagable 3. Pretol Tank flap issue, insptite of 3-4 times complaints and replacement(according to service centers) issue has not been solved 4. Issue with Rear door setting on factory (major gap) 5. Inspite Complanining about Carbon on front wheels for year no initiative from the Service center 6. Front Door handles - took more than 6 months to replace front door handles, 7. Spare issue, each time have issue with spare(Small or Big) fiat / tata need atleast week time to get it replaced Car was under warranty and every time have visited Service center for any reason they have chanrged me for most of thr things and there was not single point where I can say the parts or intiative or followups has been taken from the Service center or Fiat for all my complaints Regarding clutch / pressure plate and Break pad the repsonse is issue with Driving, I dont feel thats the case, pleae help me to escalte or reolve these issue, Request you to su