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  1. Oh...sorry for the typo... I guess it happens with having too many windows of different forums open at the same time! I will get to writing an ownership report hopefully in the near future. For now, all I can say is I drove close to 50 kms yesterday in bumper to bumper traffic and my left leg was jumping with joy at not having to press the dreaded clutch. It is my first driving experience with an AT car. I know this might sound as an idiotic question but I have got to ask. Is the button on the gear lever meant only for being able to move the stalk when the vehicle is not running? (e.g. from "P" to "N")
  2. Hi FlyingSpur, your car looks lovely in gold! I just got myself a type-1 AT Exi with 84k on the ODO yesterday. It is a 13 year old car but still drives like someone much younger. It is mechanically sound whereas the body has started showing signs of ageing. I will be getting the car striped down and repainted in early 2014. This car will be used only on a 60-70 km radius and I hope with proper care that it will last me for a few more years.