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  1. If u love driving, in that range or perhaps a bit higher too...nothing beats cedia...
  2. both of u have a point likewise! But I will heavily mod my car after a year or 2 till I get a new one:)
  3. do stanley and G-sport offer partly fabric n party art leather seat covers?
  4. well I understand your voices regarding the fashion thing and all....I totally agree..But what if I wanna style my seats within a fusion of black and creamish...Just for the sporty looks. thats something what I am looking for something like this (maybe different colour combo.
  5. and i dont want to use original leather(for personal reasons).so please suggest
  6. i wanna buy seat covers because i don't like the beige colour seats in my cedia . And
  7. Hi guys. I went to the car accessory shop to purchase the seat covers. I did not want to go for pure leather as I don't prefer to use animal product. Therefore I asked him for the best quality substitute for it. The dealer showed me a G-Sport marterial artificial leather and is asking Rs. 7500/- for it. He said it will look as original as pure leather. But after reading the forums here I have two questions: 1) Is 7500/- a lot of money for the artificial cover(although best possible)?Many users say that its around 3500 rs. 2) Does this mean that my car will get heated more? 3) Which other alternatives do you suggest. Another dealer suggested me Stanely. DO ring in with your suggestions and advice soon because i got to do the needful as soon as possible Also I am buying the door gaurds and bumper gaurds @ rs. 250 and rs. 600 respectively.
  8. Thanks for the advice brother.I will surely get that rub in polish from the car accessory shop asap. Will let you know about it. Maybe you are right about the engine.
  9. i am sorry . Was unable to post the link of the pics
  10. guys..i had sent my cedia yesterday for getting the number plate put up. They delivered my car within 2 hours. I noticed that there was a mild scratch (whitish). I thought it was powder or something but its got the scraping effect. Although its very small, but that is quite annoying. I know the dealer will never ever admit that they did this. I also don't want to send my car again. The last time I sent them my car for anti rust and teflon with sunfilm, I found the pick up of the car and the overall feeling lesser than what I had experienced for first 4-5 days. Can they mess up with the engine? If yes then how can I check and confirm and what do I do about that minor scratch? I also noticed that the rubber above my gate is not fixed properly.The dealers claim it is similar in all the cars and showed my staff.I really don't have an option.