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  1. xylo for me,it is cheap,comfortable and fun to drive vehicle.The power and performance is better than Innova and M&M's easily accessible and trusted dealerships and service points have made it a better option for those who are looking for Innova.Though it still misses the quality of Toyota and interiors are unnecessarily overshowing and lacks the decentness of Innova.Mahindra should have spend some more money on the horrible exterior design to make it look slightly good.
  2. But Santro needs a new look and a new engine and HMIL should try to develop a new 1.1 litre kappa engine.
  3. Within your budget i would like to suggest following cars 1.BMW X1(to be launched within a few months) 2.Honda Accord V6 3.Chevy Captiva 4.Toyota Landcruiser prado
  4. Hyundai has played its cards very well and surely i20 is not only the bestseller but also the best performer in the premium hatchback segment as compared to the so called Japanese and German technology.Yes the Fabia is a big disappointment for VW group just because of its exorbitant price and underpowered performance.Though Polo is a very great car despite carrying the same 3 cylinder motor of Fabia and feels refined but this time VW has missed out on features as there is no automatic climate control,no steering mounted audio controls,no electrically operated outside rear view mirrors even in the top-end HIGHLINE variant.The other problem is of sales and service outlets.These are the shortcomings which VW can easily rectify.
  5. Hi everybody,my name is Ksh*tij Gautam and i am from the city of Kota in Indian state of Rajasthan.I am obsessed with automobiles and i want to be a car designer and a dealer.I can't live without them.