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  1. These are all MUVs or SUVs. Basically I wanted to know about a small car (which are mostly hatchbacks) which has the best offroad capabilities among the lot.
  2. What is the small car available in Indian market with best off-road capabilities?
  3. With the onset of full fledged monsoon, I am in serious need of a rear wiper for Santro GLS. Please suggest a good product and price range also whether I should get it done from the dealer -Autoliebhaber
  4. There are some products which comes with the pressure gauge, quite portable , works electrically. Some of them are battery operated. But I am not sure whether these are reliable.
  5. Hi, I am planning to buy a portable tyre pressure pump with pressure meter in it. Any advise about the cons or disadvantages?
  6. Hi, Cyrus.. for what purpose are you using it and how much does it cost usually?
  7. Any one used a Vehicle tracking system? Want to share some experience?
  8. Recently a driver had a narrow escape when his car went up in flame after he was sleeping with the AC on
  9. Hi, I want to get front and rear guard for my car. Any idea, which brand to go for and how much does it cost in Indian market?
  10. Hi, I recently owned a Santro GLS. The daily usage is about 45 KMs. The road which I usually takes does not have many pot holes, but there are some sporadic stretches of road where its pretty broken and gets worse in rains and some parts are under maintenance. The car's servicing is very near. Any advice whether there is any way to improve the suspension of the car of this type so that it can tackle such kind of road condition. Then I can discuss this during the servicing.
  11. The car is pretty much new , not more than 5 months. Its a Hyundai santro GLS. Usually I take a city-bypass road which is usually with less intersections more like highway and not many potholes.
  12. Hi, I am having frequent flat tyre problem. chauffeur says that the valve of the tyres gives away. How to solve this freq problem?