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  1. Hey folks I was thinking that how good is the diesel motor in the swift/dzire-performance wise?? How good will it be in the city and on the highway, the speeds it is capable of, its load taking capacity....etc. Though I am not planning a buy or anything, I am still very eager to know..
  2. New Honda City ZX 1.5

    Wait for the new honda city.. It'll be awesome. Take a test drive of the aveo form the dulichand motors showroom so that u can drive on the bypass. U'll get a clue about the car then and there. If u like it, then go for it.
  3. Diesel Vitara & SX4

    @bluesapphire U are absolutely right....the main concern for people is fe and pricing, whereas there is much more to look at, and that is precisely the reason why the 2.0 is selling more..
  4. Small car !!

    If one can spend 3.95lacs, then 4.4lacs shouldn't be a the swift has got minor upgrades, though they are not noticeable unless u buy the ZXi.
  5. tata nano test drive!!

    and the road tester is a good bluff master...
  6. The DiCOR engine has more pick-up and is stronger by all means. But it is costly to buy and maintain. If u must buy a diesel, then go for the Dzire diesel LXi. The Indigo LS and Dzire LXi are similarly speced but the Maruti is infinitely better in all respects.
  7. Judgement of Swift/Dzire diesel

    I understand...!! But compare it with other rivals like the Indica dicor, fiat multijet, skoda fabia....!!
  8. Mahindra Suv for 3 lacs??

    I have only one thing to say............ GOD SAVE US ALL!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ikon Closeout!

    Ikons carry a very low resale value....and they'll drop even more after the new model is out.. It is disappointing to know that the new Ikon will get the same fiesta diesel engine........another powerless car. It'll have a hard time competing with the dzire. hey rohit please do post some pics of the new ikon.
  10. Facelifted Octavia?

    It can't be for way!!!!!!!
  11. New Honda City 2008

    The new honda city will be a quantum leap over the old one.. If possible do wait, but as said above, it'll be significantly more expensive. The cons of the city gxi are price, handling, performance, braking, over-light steering...all of these making the current city a poor driver's car. It is good to be chaffered around in though as it has the best rear seat comfort in its class and it is high on quality and reliability as well.
  12. Mahindra Suv for 3 lacs??

    yeah, anything is possible.. Lets see..
  13. Diesel Vitara & SX4

    CRV has no diesel yet... Its strong points are strong yet frugal petrol motor, driving pleasure, comfort, looks(though i donot like them much) and Honda's brand value....not to mention good reliability and ease of ownership.
  14. Best Sedan for Rs 6 Lacs

    So true... The blue is the best colour from Maruti yet.
  15. Small car !!

    Go for the i10 without any doubt... U can also try out the Swift if possible.
  16. Mahindra Suv for 3 lacs??

    yeah quite possible..........the NANO CHOPPER!!!
  17. yeah, Ikon will get a major overhaul by the end of this year and will be pretty much around. But it is an old car with high maintenance and engine dosen't have good performance. U can try the Dzire VXi or the Accent GLE. The Logan is good too but its a tad too basic.. Plus petrol motor lacks sparkle.
  18. Mahindra Suv for 3 lacs??

    It wont have that quality new suvs are bringing along.....its near impossible to have an suv for 3lacs.
  19. @innocent congrats on your new set of wheels.. @aditya truly a weird mix of many cars....good good.
  20. @rahul86 congrats man........You'll have a fiesta with the fiesta.. buckle up while driving though.
  21. Diesel Vitara & SX4

    yup...the Vitara is poorly equipped and the engine lacks sparkle.. The diesel would have brought back some of that sparkle.
  22. @sgiitk......u do have a point.. I'll see after experimenting with both..and report.
  23. Maruti SX4 future ? true man..!! renault logan is uglier than a bolero.
  24. Best Sedan for Rs 6 Lacs

    @confused, u from kol...?? me too in kol..anyways the Dzire is a more practical choice than the fiesta..!
  25. Its clear......either the SX4 or the Dzire..Even though the Dzire is a segment below, it is still an awesome package.. I like the petrol Dzire a lot because I know about its performance and mileage, owning a Swift. The Dzire is a more rev eager engine which loves to pull and is very refined.. The SX4 has got good midrange grunt, but overall isn't as smooth as the Dzire's engine.. If u self drive then the Dzire has more than sufficient space in it, and being a size smaller, is a blessing in crowded city streets.. Its good on the highway too.