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  1. What is the reason behind your user id? Just curious to know... Let me start with mine... My zodiac sign is Taurus and so the id...
  2. It is pretty difficult to find AT Civic, City or Toyota cars in Hyderabad... Just thinking about buying one from Mumbai...
  3. @sarabjeet: I can extend the budget but there are no Corollas in Hyderabad
  4. @Durango_dude: Yeah, after driving WagorR for 2 yrs this car looked amazing. i10 is another option as I am looking for AT vehicle. My cousin got this but it looks less in power
  5. Yesterday I test drove a 2004, H4 automatic Corolla, it is done 74K Km. Engine and transmission are in good condition. And car is with new tyres. Complete service record is available. Cons: One door is completely repainted at the show room, it is very tough to recognize this repainting, there is a small dent near tail lamp, no insurance, no remote locking. Asking price is 4.5L Is it a good buy? Please suggest
  6. Oh great to hear that... Any inputs/lessons from the conversion?
  7. Has anyone tried fitting LPG/CNG to their AT model vehicle? The main concern people rise with AT is fuel efficiency. Can we say LPG/CNG conversion is an answer?