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  1. Dear Members, I need a pulsar 200 or Bullet 350 from Chennai. If anybody can offer please revert me.
  2. Even my pulsar didn't give these figures!!!!!
  3. I am personally like activa, but when comes to service each and every thing costly like premium cars. my friend own one which eat more then 2500 each service at least. rather than that it is a nice machine.
  4. I saw the pictures of Twister its like big size Unicorn.
  5. Wow!!!!!! sound good. can u update some pictures it's really interesting..
  6. yes Mr. sgiitk. my car is now 12 years old. i like to know the FC procedure and the money incur on FC.
  7. Dear all, i am having Old Honda city for the past 5 years it is an 98 model. my question is one of my friend told that for old car have to get FC test and it will take more than 20,000. Is it true ppl please suggest me on this issue. My registration is Chennai so, kindly advise me on this issue.
  8. I feel this won't make big impact on the looks.
  9. Wow nice mod! Is any possible to launch this kind in india
  10. Hi bala, I am proud owner of OHC 98 1.3 model i was stick with her 3 yrs now. i got same issue when i choosing her. but after my purchase she is awesome. there is no big bill for service even to the authorized service station. my city gives 12-13 on traffics and 15-16 on high ways. comes to spares this is still amaze easy to get even after market is cheaper and reliable. so i suggest OHC if you need more power go for 1.5 i dont know exactof Vtech performance.
  11. Thank you all guys, I saw couple of Palio D with 1 lac budget all are worthless. and i moved my mind out from Palio and i heard fiat spares very exp and rare. so i am looking some safe hand can i go for santro model. most of the dealers quoting high prices in chennai. for 98 model they demanding 1.3 lac. guys please advise any other cars my budget is 1 lac. if petrol also no problem for good rides i can stretch my budget some more. and what is the affordable price for lancer D