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  1. Ok.. Got it.. Thanks.. I find that the 4th year AMC costs a steep 58% higher than the 1st 3years AMC. Why so..?? Anything specific or have the VW guys told you that this price is because the car is a German make..??
  2. What does include in 4 year AMC..?? Are AMC and Warranty two different things..??
  3. @ashikawa: Hi there..!! The wirey thing was pretty weird. It cost me Rs.950/- plus petrol worth Rs.1000/-(approx.)... This is a problem which I believe has no solution in India. My car has covered only 4700km in the last 8months. But am not happy with the fuel economy. I believe it delivers around 12-13kmpl of petrol overall.
  4. @unknownbullet: A company does not necessarily have to put up a showroom in each and every town and also a buyer does not require to have it. One has to visit the showroom only once in lifetime to purchase the car. So, once the purchase is done, there is no need to see the dealership again. It is only the service station that needs to be accessible. Also, VW and other German/European cars require service only once in 15000km. So, it clearly shows that one does not have the hassle of visiting the service station often. Moreover, the VW dealerships have Sales Executives who belong to different regions so that they can promote their product in their respective region with ease. So, if at all required, the Sales Executives can readily pick one's car and drive it to the Service Station and get it back once the required job is done. One does not have to take time out and drive till the Service Station. But still I would prefer to have Service Stations in different parts of each state rather than have a Showroom so that I can save on the fuel that my car takes to travel to and fro the Service Station. Maruti IMHO is just an option now. It is not the only one. They could have put up such a huge network due to their Government backup in the initial days and being the only modern car, their sales figures hit all time high and always been the same. Half of India still drives a Maruti even today, though the ratio is gradually decreasing day by day.
  5. I thought the next would be the Vento engine 1.6 TDI to balance the equation with the petrol counterpart with 1.6 in the HL variant. And I guess getting in 1.6 TDI would be much more cost effective as the engine is already in use rather than get an all new 1.5 TDI to do the job.
  6. Don't worry about it. You'll get used to it with time. Just drive on for few more days with a bit more city traffic n you'll surely get the adjustment. Since the clutch has to be pressed completely, there is no point in putting a padding underneath. If you put any padding then the clutch pedal will not depress completely and wear out the gear teeth. So don't bother yourself about getting any setting done. You'll get adapted. Another point I'd like to mention. I'd have loved the dead pedal.
  7. My Heartiest Congratulations to you mate..
  8. @devil sri: Congratulations for booking the Polo TDI. I have heard that if you are buying a German car, it should be a diesel as petrols are for the Japanese. Though I have laid my hands on the Petrol Polo considering my less usage. But I am satisfied with the Petrol motor response as well. As far as the waiting period is concerned, the initial waiting period told at the time of booking is subject to change later on as per the availability and the reputation of the dealer. Some dealers can provide you the car few weeks before the priorly mentioned delivery date. Whereas there may be cases where the delivery may postpone for a month or so. There are two criteria for availability of cars prior to the delivery date: 1) Giving you the car which was earlier alloted to someone else 2) Booking cancelled and car arrives In the first case, it is a malpractice to give you the keys of the car which was alloted to someone else. This happens when the original owner whom the car was alloted to is very calm and is ready to wait and listen to anything that the dealer says. And the buyer whom the car has been sold in lieu is either very aggressive or may have paid some ON MONEY to get the car. In such cases, the originally alloted buyer suffers as delayed delivery. In the second case, people tend to cancel their bookings and move over to some other brand and hence there are many cancellations due to long waiting period. Or many may change their mind and drop the idea of buying a new car after booking. In this case, the orders that have been passed over to VW will continue as a normal manufacturing. These cars arrive at the showroom and remain there as the bookings have been cancelled. Here the new buyers get a good opportunity to get the delivery within days of booking. When I had been to take the delivery of my Petrol Polo, I was told that there is a whole lot of Petrol Polos lying in their stock yard and one can choose a colour or the trim level if one wished to. And that they'll be able to give the delivery within 3-4 days if booked then.
  9. Today evening I received a called from the customer care asking my review about the dealer right from booking till the delivery and after that. I was asked many questions one by one like how was my booking experience, how was the sales team's response to my queries, how was the delivery, how was the overall experience dealing with the dealer, would I suggest anyone to deal with the dealer I got my car from, would I make any future purchase from this very dealer and many more such questions. All the questions had 5 choices to select from: - Extremely Satisfied - Very Satisfied - Fairly Satisfied - Not so Satisfied - Not Satisfied at all I rated the dealer attitude in the "Not Satisfied at all" category and also said that I would never recommend any of my known persons to purchase a car from them. I had a very bad and unfriendly experience with the dealer.
  10. I totally agree with you Nishu. The other day I was driving my car on the NH8 at moderate speeds. I was thought I was going a bit slow and people ahead were also driving slow. I wasn't able to understand as to why are people driving slowly on an open highway. So I flashed at the car in front of me (a Hyundai Accent). But even after repeated flashes and honking I did not get way. For a moment I took a glance at the speedo needle and it showed 120kmph Now if 120kmph feels like moderate speed sitting inside the car with windows closed, then how fast should the car be moving in order to feel that it is going fast..?? What I am trying to say is that the car is so well built that even at 120kmph it stays steady and has very good road grip. One really feels lot more safe inside.abhpom4u2011-01-29 19:40:52
  11. VW Sales Team is really very pathetic as per my experience. But the Service Team is just superb I have received my car back from the Workshop this Monday and it took them hardly 2days to finish off the work and hand me over my car. And the Workshop guys were very co-operative and sensible unlike the Sales Guys who know just how to get the booking cheque from the prospect. I really appreciate the Service Station People. People are usually comfortable with the buying procedures but are skeptical about the After Sales Service. But in my case(or rather VW Polo's case I must say), the Buying part was really very complicated one, but the After Sales part was an excellent experience. I would give a 5-Star rating to VW After Sales Service.
  12. If I can recall correctly, the Daewoo Matiz was recorded in books for giving the maximum mileage of 33+kmpl from a Petrol Engine some time before it got extinct. So mileage tests have to take that decade old record as a bench mark.
  13. Yes they've made a query form instead. But amazing to see that the car selection has manufacturers other than VW Group companies like BMW, Chevy, Ford, HM, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra Renault, Maruti, MB, Nissan, Tata and Toyota too. Unable to understand how is the query form pertaining to all these manufacturers linked to the VW India Website..?? But whatever it is, all we are concerned is that our query should be solved, no matter how. Hope VW gives response to the queries properly now on.abhpom4u2011-01-21 17:40:03