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  1. I had sent mails to all the concerned people as adviced by Naren, but of no use. Nobody seems to be bothered in Fiat about customers' woes. The earlier issue which I had - that of engine stalling when the clutch is depressed to change gears - has resurfaced. The car is nothing but a PIECE OF sh*t. I think there is no other option but to approach the consumer court for a solution.
  2. Thanks for your response, Rameshbabu. I did send a complaint to Fiat to the mail address sercive@fiapl.com but it was of no use. I had marked copies of the same to Tata Motors also. I did not have mail addresses of other top people of Fiat. Mr.Naren has sent me the mail addresses of fiat top brass and I am going to forward the complaint to all concerned. Let us see what happens then. I will definitely keep you informed about the happenings. Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks Naren for the information. I did not have the mail addresses of CEO and quality heads. I had lodged a complaint in Fiat website and also sent an email to service@fiapl.com , but of no use. Now that I have the mail addresses of their top brass, I will definitely write to them. Thanks a lot once again
  4. I had bought a Fiat Punto (Registration No. TN 02 AJ 8037) in the month of August 09 from M/s Concorde Motors, Chennai. On the first day itself, the AC was not working and I took the car back to the dealer. They set the AC in order and gave it back to me. After that all the servicing till date is done by M/s TAFE Reach, Chennai. After the 1st service, the vehicle is continuously having some issue or the other. Initially, the clutch cylinder was found to be defective and was replaced. Then the clutch was found to be defective and was replaced. There was a rattling noise from the steering, which the service centre attributed to improper lubrication of the steering column. They informed that they have lubricated the steering column. The air intake hose is defective, but it is yet to be replaced inspite of repeated reminders and visits to the service station. In the first week of May 2010, the gear cable snapped while on the road and the vehicle had to be towed to the workshop for replacement of the cable. Now the steering noise has re-surfaced. In addition, the suspension is also defective. The ride is bumpy and the suspension is making noise. A service engineer from TAFE Reach inspected the vehicle and has acknowledged the faults in both the steering and suspension. It is very clear that the vehicle is not upto the mark and a defective car has been delivered to me. There is no response from Fiat to my complaints. All the parts are failing one after the other within 1 year of purchase and it clearly reflects the quality standards of Fiat India. Their customer care is really hopeless and their response is even more disgusting. I have asked for a refund from Fiat and a compensation for the trauma and deficiency in service. I request your advice on the course of action to be adopted - whether I should press for a full refund or should I ask for a replacement of the car. I request you to guide me so that I get a proper solution to my woes. Thanking you. Yours truly, S.Kumaravel Chennai.