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  1. according to me Wagon-R is good car and ASS will be good, but my choice would be i10 because of its built quality, interior, aerodynamic etc., etc.,
  2. A-Star aka Alto is very good car. please post some pictures.
  3. mac_diesel


    @spock, welcome to the forum, you will have a nice stay here.
  4. @mehul_bhp congrats on the new car. please post some pictures..
  5. Here are few pics of Yamaha SZ. Find the link for more specifications.
  6. @tanmay87, did they changed the oil in second service? Charges are seems to be reasonable. how much is the odo meter clocking ?
  7. looks good from back with new tail gates..
  8. I just applied once 15 days ago still its glossy shine is there, also my car is parked under the roof always. I am not sure where to source the Meguairs wax in India, I had visited US in April. Bought Meguairs quick wax and rubbing wax from there. But you can source it from US little costlier here is the link.
  9. Keeping a car clean that too dark colors are very difficult, unless we wash the vehicle daily. Mine is black swift, I wash my vehicle once in a week and use duster to remove the dust. I apply Meguiars Quik Wax once in a month and it keeps my car shining. Car duster is very good in terms of removing dust without scratching your paint surface. Here is the link for car duster.
  10. Waiting for 6 months , this is too much. I agree with Durango Dude, one will loose interest if he has to wait 1/2 year to get a car. Seriously you can look for other options like Figo or Polo. These cars are new to market and has a fresh look than Swift. I think Maruti is loosing their customers by waiting period.
  11. I never thought nano will look good in yellow after the graphics and alloys installed on them. mac_diesel2010-06-05 18:58:07
  12. @i10_bhs I agree with you installing Philip Extreme bulb will increase brightness and it will serve the purpose till city limit. But for highways minimum 100/90 bulbs with relay is required sometime even this is not sufficient.
  13. I guess 1800rpm should be fine. I am not too sure about this as I dont have much experience with rpm meter.. As Swift Ldi doesn't have rpm meter..
  14. @amjustadreamer wow. thats very good FE . I am sure it will increase once the oil change is done in the first service..
  15. @rumanshaikh here is the link which shows how to post an image. Now Polo has got launched and Vento yet to launch, they should improve ASS atleast for this.