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  1. Thanks a lot Subzero Finally can u suggest an AMP and a Sub, brand and model. Thanks and Regards Rohit
  2. Hello Subzero Yes, i got a Alpine CDE-100EUB head unti and Alpine SPG69C3 speakers installed just a week ago. But im still confused with what Sub and Amp. I may go for a JBL Sub rated at 300Watts RMS Speakers are 90Watt RMS each What Amp would be fine for the setup.. MOST IMPORTANTLY: i would like to know what if i just go for a 2 channel Amp for the Rear speakers and do nor go for a Sub, would i get some better power/bass from the existing setup. My head Unit wont suffice the 90Watt RMS required by the rear speakers, it can just provide 50x4 i.e. 12.5 per channel. And am i correct when i say that my existing speakers are limited by this power (12.5 Watt). So do i get better performance by using a 2 channel amp and no sub, would that performance boost be noticeable. Thanks and Regards Rohit
  3. @Dr. Nishu Thanks for the info dear, but i want the best bare minimum, dont want to compromise on quality and features but the lowest priced within the specific product. @Mac Diesel Thanks for the info, specially the price part!! Helps me decide!
  4. Hello Everyone, I am planning for an upgrade to my existing system. I dont have any budget but am looking for the cheapest and best ICE system with a Sub. I just need best bare minimum of everything. I have a 5 Yr Old Alto car. Heres what i have finalised: Head Unit SONY --- CDX-GT494U Speakers JBL-GTO948 --OR-- Infinity Ref9633i Amp SONY --- XM-GTX6042 -OR- XM-GTX6022 -OR- JBL --- GTO1004 Subs SONY --- XS-GTX1202L -OR - JBL --- GTO804 I am very confused when it comes to Amps and subs. The sub that i have selected has an input power rating of 300Watt (RMS/Continious), now the rear speakers have an input power rating of 100Watt (RMS), these are 400watt PMPO and 100 Watt RMS coaxials. Now considering front 4" speakers which are around 25Watt RMS, the total power needed by the system is 300+100+100+25+25 = 550 Watts (RMS). Now what Amp should be fine for it. I want the front 4" Speakers to be connected to the Head Unit but the reat Sub And Speakers shall be powered by the AMP (500 Watt). Also the HU selected by me has "Front + Rear/Sub switchable" Pre Out (PreAmp Output). Higher models have "x2" Pre Out. Which one to go for, also what does "Front + Rear/Sub switchabl" mean, what is this switchable thing. Below is the Sony Xplod AMP Specifications: XM-GTX6042 Channel Configuration 4/3- Power Supply MOSFET Power Supply Maximum Output Power 150W