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  1. Been to the Nissan showroom on the weekend to check the car. My thoughts on the car, lot of leg room on the back row, cute looking design, looks bigger from exterior, could be because of bulge/curve structure at the rear, etc. What still keeps me thinking is about Nissan's limited Sales office and A.S.S. support as they have very very thin line of network.
  2. I believe this would not continue longer anymore as more companies are coming with Diesel in small car segment.
  3. @driftpunk, Sorry, i believe you understood my statements differently. All i meant was just go ahead and buy the bike. And also sad to see that your parents denied you the bike. Try explaining them that you have grown up and mature enough to handle the situations.
  4. Awesome news but disappointed with 1.0L engine. The small car segment would be on fire again in diesel variants (Beat, i10, Nissan Micra).
  5. 100% agree with Rameshbabu's thought. That would be the best databank for any company to improve on their own car.
  6. Good to hear that you have made a decision what to buy. Just visit a nearest showroom, ask for the quote and if possible take a test ride. All the bests !!
  7. I agree with @creativebala's statement. I did not wanted to mess around with adding a rely and go for 100/90 in my i10. So i preferred for Philips Extreme power. I would say brightness increased by almost 40%. I am very happy with the change.
  8. @bornfree, Absolutely agree with you, Nano is more appealing than the Merc in the picture. Yellow looks very cute. I would have preferred the bumper also with yellow color and graphics continued on the bumper also. It would have been fantastic looking vehicle.
  9. More info about the Nano Superdrive. Source: TATA Nano Website The epic Tata Nano
  10. Excellent pics Cyrus, especially the last 3 pics.
  11. @rahulgupta3101, Absolutely agree with your views. Also 2012-13 is too far off. Lot of things are going to change by that time.
  12. Very interesting design and information. Would wait and see the 5 door design.
  13. One of our member @ambotanne, bought up this topic, so starting a new topic to discuss about the legality of changing the color of the car. Can we change the color of a car ? Does Regional Trasport Office allow this change ? As the color of the car is mentioned in the RC book. Members, your thoughts/information on this.
  14. @ambotanne, the car owner here wants to just paint the scratches on his car and not change the color of the whole car. But you have brought up an interesting topic here. We should discuss this in a new topic separately.