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  1. About SX4

    I need to know about the SX4's new VVT engine and about the vechile
  2. Planned to buy polo 1.2 L petrol

    I checked with all dealers... Swift and Swift desire will take around a MONTH... sx4 is avaialable in some colors and otherwise for a particular color wait 15-20 days..... Jazz again it's 25 days...So I'll be taking what is ready avaialable I need your review's on Sx4's new VVT engine and about it
  3. Planned to buy polo 1.2 L petrol

    I'm looking for a hatch model.. because it'll be good for my parents to use... Jazz is a good model... I'll check with the local dealer how much time will it take to deliver. If it takes my second option will be Swift Zxi..
  4. Planned to buy polo 1.2 L petrol

    I personally thank you all for your advice....
  5. Planned to buy polo 1.2 L petrol

    My requirements... The vehicle should have power, mileage, comfort..and even good look... I can afford 6-8.5 lahks...
  6. I planned to buy Polo 1.2 L petrol. When I checked with the local dealer (In calicut) they said it would take around 3-4 months to arrive. I need a vechile in few days. Please suggest me a vechile in this range and easily avaiable..