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  1. I need to know about the SX4's new VVT engine and about the vechile
  2. I checked with all dealers... Swift and Swift desire will take around a MONTH... sx4 is avaialable in some colors and otherwise for a particular color wait 15-20 days..... Jazz again it's 25 days...So I'll be taking what is ready avaialable I need your review's on Sx4's new VVT engine and about it
  3. I'm looking for a hatch model.. because it'll be good for my parents to use... Jazz is a good model... I'll check with the local dealer how much time will it take to deliver. If it takes my second option will be Swift Zxi..
  4. I personally thank you all for your advice....
  5. My requirements... The vehicle should have power, mileage, comfort..and even good look... I can afford 6-8.5 lahks...
  6. I planned to buy Polo 1.2 L petrol. When I checked with the local dealer (In calicut) they said it would take around 3-4 months to arrive. I need a vechile in few days. Please suggest me a vechile in this range and easily avaiable..