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  1. Mahindra scorpio s10 as the looks are new so its fresh, the engine is superb and the chasis and gearbox are new as well . Plus the name is enough for itself .
  2. Hey , This is enquiry is regarding the service of Volkswagen in India . Members who own a Volkswagen car are requested to please shed some light on this as how good or bad is it ? Thanking you , Kushagra
  3. Hey , This discussion is regarding the safety of maruti vehicles . Recently the also 800 did not pass the NCAP test.So I was wondering that now how safe are all the other cars in the line up. In terms of body structure and strenght of material used . Also if you can post a diagram of the body structure is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Could you guys be more specific as what makes the polo's and punto's body better than other . Other than the weight ?
  5. Hi yet again guys Recently a thought regarding the obd has come to my mind . I have seen plenty of OBD 2 to laptop connection, OBD to bluetooth. Can these be actually used to change my cars settings? Can they tell me how my vehicle is performing? If yes then which one can I buy just to try it out ?
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to ask you that which car within the price range of 3- 6 LAkhs is the safest Indian vehicle and i just don't mean in terms of whether the air-bags or abs are present or not but in terms of its body structure strength and other aspects that you can think of ?
  7. Kushagra

    Maruti 1000

    hey , I am trying to restore my Maruti 1000 . Any suggestion's to make it better ?
  8. I posted this question because few days back before I got my Xylo serviced I was experiencing a lag in its power delivery which was rectified only after bleeding.
  9. Hi all, I want any good ideas to Increase the performance of my Mahindra Xylo E4 2010 model. 2.5 L mEagle engine . Thank you
  10. On your take of that I can get an old (but new car) I say that a car driven by your own self is much better than a car which is a stranger to you .
  11. Okay , but let's say that the car is just 2 years old and already clocked 60,000 kms which means that half of the life of engine is already over . Not considering the price as a factor won't the vehicle service center replace it on demand?
  12. Is is advisable advisable to completely change the engine of my vehicle . Like instead of replacing the car replacing the engine with the same engine? Also how much does the above process cost?
  13. Sir, You can try olx.com or quikr.com or mahindrafirstchoice.com If you want sites Google it , I am sure you will find plenty of them . Also there a magazine in which many of the second hand cars are listed .
  14. How can the rusted body parts of my vehicle be fixed, the ones which are already eaten by the rust?
  15. Agreed with you guys . But what I remove the hood of the vehicle permanently then what do you say?
  16. The body kits available in the market help the vehicle in anyway apart from looks?
  17. I do not drive like that but its just a question that came in my mind .The logic behind it was that if we drive slow won't the air intake in engine be better. Don't worry I know its risky and I'll never drive like that but its just a random question . As long as the air drag is concerned I dont think there would be too much of drag.
  18. If I drive my vehicle with the bonnet open(very little) , will my vehicle perform better?
  19. I guess we can use turbo which will give a lot more performence but I am not aware of the price . Tell me what are your views on turbos ?
  20. If it a SUV then the gear box makes the noise because of the oil which has not reached the gear and bearings in the gearbox , so once you start engine the oil starts to reach which takes around 20 to 25 soconds .... So don't worry .
  21. Without having the ground clearance it had before the Q7 would loose its road presence and its charm to Indians .
  22. Hi everyone , I read somewhere that cold intakes are better for engine performance . Could anyone tell me whats the reason behind this? Kushagra
  23. why do we prefer cold air intakes?