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  1. Many congratulations on our your buy. Have you fiddled with your car. Is sync worth the hype ?
  2. How is the handling and the suspension ? is the steering well weighed than I10 and I20 ? is the suspension stiff ?
  3. To me it is neither iphone 5s nor the Iphone 5c is interesting cause they aren't much different from the iphone 5. I am just eagerly waiting for the Ios 7 which has the changes. It very colorful and nice to look at. But I just hope they dont make us blind.
  4. Any Idea on the honda city Diesel ? It was supposed to be released with Bri based MPV and the Jazz.
  5. Finally a beast is here, Hopefully chevy also launches its Camaro after Ford.
  6. I would suggest you to have a word with your dealer. When I was enquiring about the car and waiting period, I was told that EX variants are readily avaialble but the other variants would take around 8 -10 months. Also it is not necessary that it would take 8 months and I might get it early depending if someone cancels their booking.
  7. By any chance do you know If this is thE Brio based or the Jazz based platform ?
  8. Hi Sai, if your budet is 15L i would suggest you to look for a premium sedans such as cruze, Laura and Jetta. But if you like SUV a lot I would pick the old school from your list cause it is also priced quite right and is updated to some level (not totally behind with the equipments)and also very solid while compared to others.
  9. Nice review Jithesh. I own a Figo as well,but sometimes in the highway I feel that it runs out of breath.Apart from that as you said it delivers very good mileage and is economical provided it is driven between 80 and 100. If you floor it down it goes till 170 on the speedo.