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  1. That Matte White Regal GS looks simply stunning.
  2. Unique Air Shutter Helps Morph Chevrolet Cruze into 40 MPG Leader 2010-08-10 Link to Article
  3. Docs:Toyota had acceleration issues since 2003 SANTA ANA, Calif.
  4. Excuse me?What are you talking about?What do you mean sayinh "Yaaaaaay!FordFiesta" in a GM India thread?
  5. So,what I learn from darven is that GM is trying to sell cars which are not professionally done to go with Indian Conditions,Or other conditions too. I'm really sorry to learn about darven's misery with his cars.Yes,darven small things(light failure's etc) causes irritation . Latest Addition:I was shocked to see water coming out of my cabin light in my 2008 Spark.What should I do?
  6. GM parted from ISUZU Partnership.It can't source the engines from it anymore.GM doesn't has any diesel engine technology,except VCDi in India.According to the new news,Sonalika has stopped producing MG Rover engine and substituted it with an ISUZU engine which it got license from. Check the figures, Go through the links too, Link 1 Link 2
  7. Yes,it provides top notch interiors on the lower variants like Spark,Beat etc.Cruze?Horrible?Luxury?GM doesn't know what defines Luxury. Cruze's Interior design is worsened by it's quality.About,3 year maintenance,it's fine. Note:But,I've observed that the quality of LPG Switch Button is Just Too Worseon quality to accept this.We can even see the gum with which it is pasted on a brand new car. CYRUS432010-07-18 09:07:01