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  1. My running has now gone up to 55kms a day..The kit costed me Rs.25000+3500 for the RC
  2. Rising petrol prices forced me to think time & again to switch to an alternative fuel. I was initially thinking of selling my 1-year Punto & get a diesel instead. But my pocket didn't allow me so as I was to shed 1.5lac extra to meet my needs. Researched thoroughly over the net to find out if someone got his Punto on CNG..But didn't find any. Finally came across a thread on TFI & the guy got his Linea on CNG recently. His feedback was very encouraging & told me that the pick-up has rather improved. He had installed a sequential kit from West Delhi..I inquired for both sequential & conventional & finally stuck with my pocket. Got the kit installed yesterday & feel no difference in pick-up whatsoever. Infact the gear shifting has become smooth in 1st & 2nd gear...I hope my decision give me good results.
  3. @bala: Great topic & great facts ...Its a myth that lot of non-users carry but people who actually own Fiat, know the truth.
  4. Hi Aditya, I have been using Punto 1.2 for last 8 months. I haven't experienced any issues with the ASS or the poor quality parts. I'm very satisfied with this car. When I was looking buy a car, I had checked out both I20 & Polo, but neither matched my criteria. Polo is very cramped & equip list is very poor. I20 is no VFM unless you wanna shell out that kind of money. The suspension is very soft. Here are my thoughts on PUNTO: (won't talk about looks) 1. Good VFM as compared to its competitors. The feature list even on the base model is ahead of other cars in the same price range. Not commenting on I20 since the price is too much. 2. Suspension is rock solid. Bumps, bad roads etc, this car eats all. You can also check out Overdrive's detailed hatch comparison. Punto was the best in this dept. (ahead of Polo & I20) 3. Steering response is amazing. You will love holding it again & again. 4. 1.2 is underpowered. But for city driving its absolutely fine. FE would be better as compared to 1.4. I have been getting FE of 12.5-13 regularly. 5. No service issues as such. Spare parts are very cost-effective. I haven't faced any problems with the service till date. 6. Plastics are average as compared to Polo & I20. But they are not too bad. I would suggest to experience it yourself. 7. The Aircon is good. The new punto's & linea's are coming with an improved version. Don't think about the resale right now. Even Polo is new so it doesn't guarantee the same. If you are ready to extend your budget, go for Punto 1.3 MJD emotion. Its a fully loaded deal. I would suggest you to compare both cars & you will arrive on the conclusion. If you are brand conscious then blindly go for the Polo.
  5. Welcome to the FIAT Family. Take good care of her & enjoy every bit of it. Cheers! BornFree2010-11-25 17:07:11
  6. @asgadv: i have been facing the similar problems with Rama Motors..About 2 weeks back i went to get my door lock checked & saw that there was heavy rush..people had prior appointments..i was a walk-in..i waited for about an hour & still got no response..spoke to manager but his attitude was very snobbish..i couldn't take it more & called fiat helpline immediately...believe me within minutes i got a call from Sanya motors okhla workshop & they guided me to thier workplace..i know sanya is pathetic if compared but i got better response from them..i came back & mailed fiat about rama's attitude & since then i have been getting regular calls from rama to get my car serviced there..i have been ignoring them but they are pleading...this is the second time it happened with me at rama...but i think fiat is very responsive..the way things were handled at their end is commendable...i think rama is running short on labour since dussera & they are experiencing heavy bookings...it would be better if you call up fiat directly...
  7. Just checked with Fiat & my dealer...no update on whether its a recall for existing owners.
  8. well t-jet is the answer to all the enthusiasts who wanted fiat with power..earlier also fiat had Palio GTX for enthusiasts...
  9. another milestone...Great going FIAT
  10. This beast will cost a whooping 16 crores!!!
  11. @ Devil: I'm sure your friend & his dad will never regret their decision..Honestly I look Punto as a silent leader..it has never shouted at its buyers to own it @ Bala: Guess your prayers will be answered soon..FIAT has lots in its kitty to bring it here..The Tjet is one of them.
  12. I faced AC issues in starting in my punto 1.2..a leakage was detected & since then the AC has been fabulous..i haven't used it above 2 till now..its better that even then FIAT is working on strengthening customer confidence...I feel FIAT is treating their present customers with utmost attention..again my personal opinion.
  13. nothing has been mentioned about the recall yet. i think its gonna take them a while.
  14. Source ACI Nov Issue: Growing customer complaints of poor cooling, especially in the 1.2 punto and 1.4 petrol linea, has forced the company to redesign the entire HVAC system. All fiats now sold will come with new air-conditioning units which include a new variable compressor and a beefed up condensor unit. However, for existing owners, fiat is planning to retrofit a kit that will have all the parts of the new air con system to sort out the problem. This process could take a couple of months and will begin in regions where ambient temperatures are hotter than elsewhere.