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  1. Hi I have a question in my mind that is why it is not recommended to change the engine oil to synthetic if it is running on mineral engine oil for more than 75000km. Please reply
  2. Hello Kindly give me reply fast I am waiting for your suggestions. Please reply fast.
  3. Hi friends, I have 2008 swift vdi which clocked around 73000km till now.Now I want to use synthetic engine oil in my car.Which is best synthetic engine oil for swift vdi before this i used only 15w 40 mineral engine oil and how is castrol edge with titanium technology synthetic engine oil for swift vdi. Please reply.
  4. hi friends, I have swift vdi which is 4.5 year old and ran around 55120 km. I want to ask you a question about of swift vdi. In the morning i start the car and kept it 2 min idle to warm up engine than put tne reserve gear release the clutch than the car come back after that i put the first gear and than while releasing the clutch the car vibrated more and after that i put the second gear and than i release the clutch the vibration does not occur at that time if speed is low the vibration occur and after that in whole day when engine is hot or warm the vibration does not occur while releasing the clutch at any speed which is low or high. Please tell what should happen in a car or what is problem or is clutch is damaged. Please reply.
  5. hi no maruti is not doing but dealer are doing. GO with company user manual specification. the engine oil i use is mobil delvac mx 15w40 in my car. it is good engine oil and most of using it or your running is low go for engine oil interval 10000 km/1 year which is earlier and i will tell stick with company user manual not more than that.
  6. hi, After how many kilometres turbo and intercooler should be clean of swift vdi. What is cost of turbo and how much kilometer last long turbo? please reply
  7. hi, the car wax which shine for 4 month is collinite 845 car liquid wax. It is best car wax available in india
  8. My swift vdi has completed 47302 km. I have not done suspension and steering overhaul but i have change the front stablizer and caliber pin work from reputed workshop. I think steering is little hard and i don't listen any tik tik sound from steering while turning or driving but yesterday while driving a car in traffic the steering has become hard but after some time it become normal what would happen to steering and what will be the problem in steering ? Please reply
  9. hi, where i will get maruti genuine spare parts in navi mumbai,mumbai.please tell me.
  10. hi i want to know how bosch car service center of turbhe, nerul, new panvel do their work or anybody have done a major work of car or servicing from them. please reply.
  11. hi i want to know good local mechanic workshop or reputed technical workshop in navi mumbai,thane,panvel to repair this work. please reply.
  12. the noise which is coming is caliber pin and i shown the car to a person who work in MASS previous jobs he told front suspension is good and steering is also good and he told me that your car does not required wheel alignment and balance because it is accurate and he also told me there nothing problem in your car but MASS has giving me a remark that steering o/h, front suspension o/h, caliber pin ,wheel alignment work should me done. So please tell me what should i do.
  13. hi, how to identify the problem the steering overhaul and front and rear suspension overhaul please reply
  14. Post deleted: Double post. BornFree2011-11-20 05:15:01
  15. hi, I have a swift vdi and i have given the car for 7 servicing at MASS and the service was done. But SA Told that my swift has a problem of caliber pin,steering o/h, front suspension o/h and he told me that to solve the problem it would cost you around Rs 17000 but i don't think it would cost this much .can i do this work from outside mechanic but i don' t know anybody and can you provide me a good automobile worshop at navi mumbai who do this work and I can trust him please reply
  16. hi i want to purchase a car perfume refill from vashi . which are best car perfume shop in vashi or in navi mumbai and can get variety of car perfume. please reply fast it urgent.
  17. hi i also want to buy a air pressure gauge. i live in navi mumbai and where i will find the air pressure gauge in navi mumbai. please reply
  18. hi, If battery is weak can i run the car in that condition or it will create a problem in ECU or any other parts in the engine because i think that i can use that battery for 6 month and i will change please reply.
  19. I went to MASS it is battery problem so i got the quote of EXIDE din 74 ah 7800 rs 2+2warranty AMARON din 74 ah7400 rs 2+2warranty between this two which company brand should go or any other car battery company please tell me fast it urgent. No bold posts. Also, punctuate properly. What is this i, din, bad grammar, etc. MODS sgiitk2011-02-17 05:03:13
  20. Hi, i have swift vdi and clocked 33700 km and i have problem in my car . when i put the key in ignition and started it in ON mode the SVS light blows does not go off after few minutes it blows on only but when i start the car SVS light goes off . is there problem in my car and ask to MASS he tell to about battery problem please tell me what i do
  21. Hi friends, I have swift vdi I clocked 32919 km till now .In book manual has written that EGR should be clean at 30000 km but when i given the car for servicing at 28499 km.At that time the service advisor not clean EGR ( electronic gas recirculation)so should i go and clean EGR now or i can clean the EGR at 40000 km servicing at MASS but i have not facing any problem so what should i do please reply.
  22. Hi i have swift vdi and i want the maruti suzuki authorised service station in panvel or kamothe so please reply
  23. Hi, I have the swift vdi car and I change the tyre from 165 80 R14 to 185 70R14 and i fitted the alloy wheels also but i don't know what the tyre air pressure should be kept for 185 70R14. please tell what should i keep the tyre pressure for smooth ride and handling and get better fuel efficiency and also my alloy wheels should not bend please me
  24. ?hi . I?have a swift vdi? i have instalted alloy wheels? in my car but i don't? know when should i do wheel alignment? and wheel balancing and how do we know that it time to? do wheels? balancing and wheel alignment and i have gone? to one tyre shop that he? told me that wheel balancing? and wheel rotation is not compulsory but wheels alignment is compulsory? in alloy wheel ? is it true . give me advice? CYRUS432010-07-16 18:44:37