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  1. thanks a lot for your replies.. really appreciated..
  2. thnk you for your replies, how about this site " http://www.ktautopart.com " this is cheaper than " http://www.theretrofitsource.com/ " just xpecting your feedback, ktautopart also sels big projectors with 3" lens diameter.. so plese suggest me and do tell the difference...
  3. hai i have a Hyundai i20, i wish to fix projector head lamps for it, can any one tell me where it is available in tamil nadu? if available any were, the website name please, please tell me what to choose and what to look for? approx pricing
  4. hai does any one know when Audi india is updating its audi A6..?? cos i heared a new version is comming..? is that true.? {and also is audi selling A6 at discounted price.? if so how much?}
  5. @sb-alto my main aim is a premium brand so no skoda.!
  6. but will X1 have that suv suspension (that is jerk and shake that a sedan doesnt have.?) or will it give the feel of a sedan?
  7. Good at every thing and VFM. Budget 20- 32L
  8. Hai ., Please suggest between BMW 3series or bmw x1 or Audi a4. Or any other in this range. Please tell details in all aspects., price and after sales
  9. oh.... but i concluded with ROCKFORD sir... thank you for all your help.!
  10. bose not available. what is better " ROCKFORT FOSGATE or KICKER or any thing of same range..???
  11. i need good speakers.. only rear... i need it to be with good punch... good clarity and good effect..
  12. hai all., i need the best speakers for my i20... are BOSE car speakers available..? or else suggest me the best speakers for my car and do tell me if they suite my i20's 2din audio system,... thank you..!!
  13. Hai Im planning to upgrade de head lamps for my new i20.. I need a best visible light.. When I enqired they tld me to use XID kit.. Should I go for that or halogen or neon or wat..? Pls give me xact bulb specification for best visibility..