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  1. Swift K series

    Introduction I always loved Swift and wanted to own one since its launch.But it took me 5 years to own one.In this five years Swift was transformed from another Supermini to a tech - overloaded VFM Supermini at price which can't be matched by any car of its class. When the rumours floated about new Swift and saw camouflaged Swifts I was least impressed with it and wanted to own one. P.S - Rest in subsequent Post.
  2. Emission Query

    Today I did PUC for my A- star and I was astonished to find levels of pollutants increased compared last time( 3 months ago) but within normal levels. Is it normal for emission to increase in 3 months or is there problem with my catalytic converter?
  3. Buick Verano

    Its new Summer for Buick - What? Well Buick is launching its first compact car since skylark and it looks beautiful.Its based on GM delta 2 platform and shares its platform with Cruze yet its not badge engineered Buick - it looks and feels different every panel is new and its much stiffer- Way to go GM Its going to be powered by 2,4 litre 177bhp motor mated to 6 speed Auto.a 2 litre ecotech engine will come later.Prices start $21995 to 26000( Rs9- 15 lacs approx) some pictures of Buick Verano (source - Motor trend and
  4. HELLO

    My name is Siddharth and doing my internship in a Delhi hospital. I am big fan of autocar india magazine and classic and sports car magazine . My favourite cars include maruti 800 1985 model which was are first car, apart from it maruti swift , fiat 124, to name a few.My other interests include computers , mobiles, sci fi shows like star trek .thank you.
  5. Ambassdor 2011

    Hindustan Motors have launched a new high end variant of Ambassdor grand along with turbocharged Diesel engine producing 71bhp and a LPG variant Changes include- avigo dashboard with silver finish and centre mounted speedometer dial leather upholstery hydraulic trunk latch holders sporty drilled metallic pedals rear AC vents Colours include fire brick red lunar silver ecru beige oyster blue jet black crystal white note- A/C and stereo controls near pedal (Source- Sidindica - teambhp) Mr. Spock2011-03-17 17:07:51
  6. ZF - German engineering company has just previewed its nine speed gearbox in Detroit Motor Show.Chrysler is confirmed as its first customer (Excepts from motor trend article below) Its new 9-speed application for front-wheel-drive applications apparently hits the sweet spot for overall efficiency in terms of ratio spread within a given package. The company contends that for long, skinny rear-drive transmissions, eight speeds provide sufficient ratio spread in the space available at reasonable cost and parts count. The compact, multi-shaft arrangement of a transversely mounted transaxle lends itself better to nine ratios.
  7. my star

    I am a proud owner of maruti a star zxi which has done 4000kms approx and is 10 months old. the pros and cons pros: . excellent music system . beautiful interiors especially crimson red illumination of dashboard and sporty tachometer . . funky styling sets me apart from crowd . safety features at a bargain price. . front seats cons : car makes a skiding noise when taking turns in rounabouts . fuel efficiency is 11km/hr with ac in city , maybe due to my driving style and short commute of 10 kms/ per day. . flimsy plastics and poor rear space and boot and visiblity . no alloys as standard and rear wash wiper
  8. Whenever I am driving my swift and A/C kept in rec.mode and after a gear change there is smell of burning plastic which lasts few seconds.This does not happen when fresh air is selected.Is it due to clutch or transperant mats used in the car. @mods - if similar thread exist please merge this thread with it.
  9. Spotted this Vehicle Today.

    Thats the Flag of UK - George Cross if I remember.IT is not Red Cross flag for sure.This model is a pick up version called 79 series
  10. Spotted this Vehicle Today.

    thats an old Toyota land cruiser 70 series model of 1980s vintage. I second the thought of Bornfree - he must be a globetrotter. Mr. Spock2011-03-23 17:32:28
  11. Nope.It has a decent amount of power for city but FE is between 11 - 12 km/l which is low.the UV-A might be replaced in a year or two so avoid this car and also repair and servicing are on higher side.
  12. suggest quality car under 6 lacs

    What I would suggest is you to completely avoid Hyundai i20 at all cost due to this steering rattling issue which is yet to be resolved.
  13. 10th million Maruti

    MSIL today rolled out its 10 millionth car from its Gurgaon plant, thus joining a select club of global car makers to achieve the feat. "As we reach this historic landmark, we thank our founding partners who laid a solid foundation of values and practices," MSI Managing Director and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi said in a statement. Suzuki had earlier planned to celebrate the occasion but decided against it, following the tragedy in Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami last week. "With this landmark achievement, Maruti Suzuki becomes the only Indian car company that makes its entry into the select club of automobile manufacturers across the globe who have crossed this milestone," the company said. MSIL joins global majors like Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Renault, Honda an its own parent Suzuki Motor corporation who have already achieved the feat in the past. ( source - Economic Times) Mr. Spock2011-03-15 09:41:34
  14. Happy Holi to all

    May this festival of colour bring new vivid colours to our life.Happy Holi to all and play safe only with natural colours
  15. Japan!!

    My grandfather narrated the whole events of Hiroshima and its aftermath' date=' it was an eye opener for me. Yes Sir you are correct in this respect but there is other view in korea and China which I feel better left in pages of History as it is unwise to discuss at this juncture. + 1 in this hour and every hour let us pray that it all comes to an end and even our enemies never face such a thing.
  16. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Just kidding' date=' Debris near the house? or on the way to house?

    Actually we were all wrong regarding the alloys as they were from were from Ford Endeavor not Xylo see below for comparison( please excuse me for the pictures) Xylo' alloys more details on this vehicle (source - team bhp)
  18. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    @durango Sir - the photo quality is amazing, but your car looks like it has just arrived from showroom.very well maintained indeed.Is it for sale? I am looking forward for Samsung Galaxy S 2 launch, Which I think might be delayed following Japan crisis
  19. Porsches going lighter!

    Porsche will launch a cascade of new models over the next two years. The new 911, codenamed 991, is on a new platform with a lot of aluminum that will be shared with the Boxster/Cayman family. Due to difficulty and time consuming nature to build both platforms( old and new) together , the production unit wants to get rid of old models as soon as possible. As expected the Performance will increase in new Turbo Porsche 911 due to 100 pound weight loss. A wider front track and longer wheelbase, is expected. Porsche will build the new Boxster and Cayman at the Karmann plant and at Zuffenhausen and follow the 991 launch in very quick succession. Expect the Boxster to be at the Geneva show in 2012. Evolution remains the Porsche way. The new Boxster looks much like the current one. Width is basically unchanged to keep weight in check. An aluminum bodyshell should save about 50 pounds. Power will rise, with the Boxster S taking the engine from the run-out Boxster Spyder, a 3.4-liter 320-horsepower unit, with seven-speed PDK or a seven-speed manual derived from the PDK box. The base car will use a 2.7-liter engine downsized from the 2.9 and add the direct-injection system from other Porsches to find a handful more ponies than the current 255. Efficiency measures such as start-stop and the lighter weight will improve real-world fuel efficiency by about 15 percent. The roomier cabin uses higher-quality switchgear derived from the Panamera and 2011 Cayenne. Senior management of Porsche hints a four-cylinder engine being developed for the baby Porsche roadster that will be related to the VW roadster and Audi R4. The four also will go into the Boxster, though not at launch. The second-generation Boxster was a modified version of the first. This one has an all-new platform, and sources say the body will be a lot more rigid, to the benefit of handling. A wider front track will add grip, and the longer wheelbase should improve the ride and stability. ( source - Motor Trend)
  20. Japan!!

    Completely agree with sgiitk sir on this issue.The problem is that all the news is censored by Japanese Govt. regarding this crisis leading to intense speculation, so truth or real problem is hidden.

    Exactly this is what I meant.It could be a Sumo with wheels from Xylo as the profile is distinctive of Sumo.
  22. My M&M 550 XD 4X4 Ex-Army Beast

    @mikee-Congrats, it looks fabulous and the price is good considering that work to be done is negligible.I have one piece of advice either replace the front seats or install head restraints for front seats for protection against whiplash injury.

    I don't know what this fuss about xylo's alloy wheels is about.Can't Sumo have similar alloy wheels or maybe just to disguise.It is an armored vehicle and M&M will not use Xylo platform for military armored vehicles when it has already developed marksman and axe. Mr. Spock2011-03-16 12:32:56
  24. Japan!!

    It has been classified by French atomic commission as level 6 nuclear disaster next only to Chernobyl.The French Govt. is evacuating all its people from Japan.The radiation has seeped into water supply of the town close to reactor All USA Military personnel is being supplied with KI to protect from radiation. US bases close to nuclear reactor having ten and thousands of personnel have been asked o stay Indoor.Meanwhile rescuers from USA, UK have descended on Japan and US military are carrying fresh water, coolant to these towns close to reactor and the reactor.Many People are leaving Japan, as distress grows.the Japanese Emperor made a rare TV appearance today.The Japanese Govt might seek help of US military though no announcement has been made in this regard The Indian Govt. is under pressure from activists, people to stop building of Nuclear reactor in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra(Read Alphonso Belt of India).Sources in Indian Nuclear establishment Admitted to their helplessness in case a similar event happened in India with a disaster magnitude more than even Chernobyl. The declassified reports from Soviet Union , revealed that, IAEA actively suppressed reports radiation cloud from Chernobyl affected France, and western countries following Chernobyl incident and compared with how it is downplaying Japan nuclear crisis,Ironically next month will mark 25th anniversary of Chernobyl accident.Many green activist have lambasted the nuclear Industry for poor track record and Russian premier has asked for audit of all reactors in Russia. {All the news from following sources -RT, PBS. BBC , Panorama,Declassified,CNN.Times.nine network,france 24,Al - jazeera , ABC,CBS,NHKWorld} Mr. Spock2011-03-16 12:23:45

    It is an armored Tata Sumo for sure due to its distinct silhouette.. It could be either of following- 1.testing of this prototype for urban areas like Srinagar by Paramilitary 2.used by a Bank( highly unlikely) 3.A Paramilitary vehicle