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  1. The Santro isnt significantly cheaper than the i10. An upgrade would only make it more expensive and closer to the i10 and whats the point in that. Though its true that there is space for a truly good car in the 3.3-4 lakh(on-road) price bracket. Currently the only car worth buying in that price range is the Spark.
  2. Finally visited the Maruti showroom yesterday to test drive the WagonR. it looks very similar to the older one and on the road most people wont even make out the difference, though the increased glass area makes it look a touch larger, mini-MPVish even. the interiors are pretty decent with the high point being the space (rear legroom is huge for a small car). the seats though a little flat. the K-series motor is a gem and has a nice little roar when revved. the problem here is that it needs to be kept at higher revs to get a move on in traffic otherwise it has a tendency to stall.. this in turn requires shifting the gears too often which isnt the best experience with the slightly vague gearshift. on the move its pretty silent and at low and medium speeds the ride is actually good. the steering is nice and accurate and the car is very stable even at 80kmph. overall i was pretty impressed with the car. the price is 4.08lakh on-road Pune for the Lxi version which i think is good value for money. after that went to the Hyundai showroom to check out the i10 1.1ltr Era (which is BS4). a test drive car was not available though sitting in the car one can immediately see the better built quality and nicer interiors. this model costs 4.37 lakh on-road Pune, though currently insurance worth 13k is free. Hyundai have also relaunched the Magna variant of the 1.1ltr engine and this costs 4.53lakh. Joke of the day however was when i asked the Hyundai sales person why ABS isnt an option on the lower variants of the i10. he said "sir, the i10 is a city car where your maximum speeds are 40-50kmph. ABS switches on only beyond 70kmph so it is not required for city driving"
  3. They do have the same gearbox.
  4. What completely baffles me is, the Punto is about 100kgs lighter than the Linea, and they share the same engine and gearbox. Yet the Punto Sport is 1.4sec slower from 0-100kmph than the Linea. How did this happen! BornFree2010-06-25 12:57:43
  5. the performance doesnt do the "Sport" moniker justice.
  6. Linea would be the best option.
  7. i do hope you know that a manufacturer cant sell a BS3 car in any of the top 13 cities anymore. so the question of BS3 vs BS4 doesnt arrive.
  8. according to me the i10 1.1ltr is BS4...could someone else please confirm this. A-star....same problem as the Beat, too small for my height.
  9. got a budget of around 4.3 lakhs for a small city runabout. read the WagonR comparo in this month's Autocar, but that didnt include the i10 1.1ltr, coz it fits into my budget. please dont suggest the Beat (coz i m 6'2" and find it uncomfortable) or the Figo (not a big fan of its petrol motor). Autocar please help!