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  1. Pete guys are asking me to wait for a remap to come which is not very far and they have refused for putting in tunning box in petrol. @sarabjeet for such detailed information it is best to talk to guys who have actually experienced it and i have talked to guys in UK and they have just asked me to upgrade tyres and brakes. Since mine will be a marginal upgrade (from 160 bhp to 210 bhp max) i wouldn't need suspension or ABS upgrades and honestly when i actually go with remap i would ask the tuner to limit the ecu to 240km/hr as i know that traffic conditions in india are horrible and its best it i stay at controllable speeds(though 240 isnt much controllable but it is better than anything above it.. ) and i would mainly concentrate on torque because thats what matters most to me but still i would not go so far to change the transmission rather i would do with a little less than what i expect. @brn2crz from what i have learnt so far is that skoda or any company for that matter optimizes its engine to strike a perfect balance between performance and economy. All i want for the engine is to have more emphasis on the performance making day to day driving a little more fun. I was thinking of installing the airbox but headers is new to me. will give it a look
  2. i have talked to pete regarding this and came to know that the tuning box is mainly for diesels and i have a petrol..
  3. @tsiVipul. Hi!! i find it really hard to believe the figures that you have posted as i own a laura tsi aswell and couldnt get more than 12 kmpl on highway. I agree that the figure is affected by my rash driving style but even if i was driving for efficiency i couldnt have gotten more than 14 kmpl. did you actually check the efficiency by refilling petrol because usually actual efficiency varies the one displayed on the screen..
  4. @vikky Hi, I would just request you to take a test drive of Laura TSI before making your decision(yes its that good). and do post your observation.
  5. Hey Every one!! a guy on youtube claimed that Laura TSI had an limited speed of 200km/h which was kind of hard for me to believe. So, on one fine sunday i set out on noida expressway and touched about 207km/h but couldn't maintain it for more than 3 seconds as there was traffic.. check out the video:- and i also have a 2000 model honda city with cng and i did 160km/h and it was still going which was a surprise for me.
  6. thanks for all the input guys.. i had a chat with dealer for superchip and he says the chip comes with programming already done so i cant change the amount of bhp it changes or do anything for that matter... i have been reading other forums and i have learnt that remaps are quite common outside and bluefin (superchips) is reputed company in this field and since they are giving a 5 day moneyback guarantee i am gonna go with it. i will get it done after the first service which is in 2 weeks so till that time i am going to keep searching for a tunner who can provide a custom remap like REVO.. if any one knows someone like that please share their information.. thanks
  7. @brncrz. are committing a 47 bhp increase. checkout the link KN filter will increase the performance but difference would be marginal and hardly noticeable AFAIK. PETE was my first choice but they are not offering any remaps for laura 1.8TSI. i had a chat with one of there executives and he said that they will have to open the ECU to remap it and this will void the warranty.
  8. @rssh: rightly said that a petrol head always needs more and i want more if i can get it without compromising the warranty... i have already considered up-sizing the tires and improving the brakes (though stock brakes are extremely powerful).. i can certainly ask the tuner to spread the power evenly throughout the rev range... but what i actually want to know is that will it harm the cars engine in any way (longevity etc) and will i have to reduce the service intervals and if so than by what period or kms and lastly will it void the warranty?? and you wrote "53bhp+o/p" what do you mean by "o/p" ? thanks
  9. installing these mods will surely void the warranty whereas ecu remap can be reversed easily and it dosent install any visible mod to start with... P.S. i am not being repulsive, i am just looking for the right technical reason to not get a remap..
  10. The LAURA TSI that i have will touch the finish line much before a bmw 3 series or a merc c-class... all the engines that skoda use are VW developed only.. half the parts in skoda are vw developed.. u can pop the hood of an vw and skoda, half the parts will be the same... the resale value of skoda might be a little low because of its aftersale service which is actually not good, but skoda is making effort to improve on that..
  11. this is a turbocharged petrol.. 1.8 TSI.. approximately how much would the pickup improve with the KN filter and muffler and what will it cost (approx)?
  12. thanks for the advice but, i had a chat with the superchips guy nd he told me he wouldnt even open the bonnet of my car.. everythin will b done from OBD(on board diagnostics port).. so there will be no visible performance mod.. and since it is just reprogramming of the computer in the engine, it can be reversed in just 10 min without leaving any traces of the mod being done... so how will i lose warranty?? moreover there is a 5 day money back guarantee if i am not satisfied.. all of this is too good to be true nd thats y i raised a question over here to find out that loop-hole.. thanks @dr.nishu: appreciate the advice
  13. i second that dr.nishu.. i own the laura tsi and it is the most amazing engine i have seen till now... it can take on a bmw 3 series, mercedes c class and an audi A4 any day... @badmaash with your budget i would also recommend the vw passat since it is offering features with arent there in cars far beyond its segment..
  14. hi!! i own a skoda laura TSI and its an awesome machine... but i just got to know that i can get more punch of the same engine without any new installations i.e. , through ECU remap.. all i want to knw is that is it advisable and what are its harmful effects and also is it worth it?? btw i found a site they are committing a 53 bhp increase in power with just the remap.. IS IT ANY GOOD?? THANKS